The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215
The ordinary-looking stone wall was around fifty meters tall and thirty meters wide.

Looking at the stone wall, Thomas’ expression betrayed the excitement he felt.

Once he opened the stone wall, he could enter into the depths of the Snow Cavern and locate the Spirit Turtle.

Then, after luring the creature out, he would slay the Spirit Turtle and obtain its blood. Most importantly, the records in the four paintings left behind by the Prince of Orchid revealed that the Spirit Turtle had lived for millennia. After consuming its bile, one would gain tremendous strength.

Simon’s expression turned grim. As it had been a thousand years, he was not sure if the Spirit Turtle was still alive, nor about its strength. He also had no idea whether the martial artists outside could successfully slay it.

He took a deep breath and walked toward the stone wall.

Then, he leaped to the top, where a protruding rock could be seen. He catalyzed true Energy and made contact with the rock.


At that moment, the stone wall began to shake, and it was showing signs of collapsing. Then, a few tiny boulders fell to the ground.

Upon witnessing this, Thomas was exhilarated.

Then, the rock on the stone wall fell, and an unfinished stone inscription puzzle was revealed.

Simon landed steadily on the ground.

Looking at the puzzle, Thomas asked, “Why are there additional mechanisms?”

Simon nodded and said, “There are three mechanisms in total. This is a puzzle.

The door will only open once we solve it. Not only that, this door was constructed using the hardest of rocks. It can withstand the attack of an eighth ranked martial artist.”

“Hurry up then.” Thomas could wait no longer.

After scrutinizing it momentarily, Simon leaped into the air and began solving the puzzle.

Soon, the puzzle was solved. It was a full moon.


The stone wall was divided into two, and a long narrow passageway was revealed.

Thomas hurriedly entered. Before long, he was stopped in the tracks of an iron door, which was coated in black paint.

He turned around and asked, “How do I open this?”

Simon pointed at a small hole in the iron door and said, “Do you see this hole?”

Thomas lifted his head and nodded. “Yes, I do.”

Simon said, “Now, we just need a sword.”

Thomas asked, ‘What sword?”

‘The Malevolent.”

‘What? Are you referring to the renowned Malevolent Sword?” Thomas exclaimed.


Thomas took a deep breath.

The Malevolent Sword was hailed as the most destructive weapon on earth a thousand years ago.

None could escape its wrath.


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