The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216
However, the sword had disappeared without a trace.

Thomas had only seen records of the Malevolent Sword in the ancient scrolls of the Cadens’ household. A thousand years ago, the Prince of Orchid Mountain had many powerful martial artists under his banner. Apart from the four major officials, he also had many loyal subordinates. Among them was a man by the name of Malevolent King who possessed terrifying power. The Malevolent

Sword which he possessed was hailed as the most powerful weapon in the world. Simon explained, “To slay the Spirit Turtle, the Prince of Orchid Mountain brought many of his subordinates here. After the battle, almost everyone was wiped out. Among them was his subordinate, the Malevolent King, who owned this sword. When the prince returned, he gathered many craftsmen and constructed three doors to seal the Spirit Turtle inside the Snow Cavern. At the same time, he also left the Malevolent Sword behind.”

Simon scanned his surroundings.

From the information he received from his predecessor, the Malevolent Sword was located right here. Besides, it was the key to opening the final door.

After scanning his surroundings, he saw a sword on the black iron door. In the blink of an eye, he had retrieved the sword. The moment he made contact with the sword, it began exuding a terrifying power. Simon’s face darkened, and he swiftly tossed the sword aside. Meanwhile, he was sent flying, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

“What a terrifying sword,” Simon exclaimed as his face darkened.

Thomas looked at the sword on the ground. It was a black sword around two meters in length. The tip of the sword was slightly bent like a hook. Besides that, there were mysterious characters and lines carved on it.

He walked over to the sword and picked it up.

The moment he held the sword in his hand, Thomas could feel a strong consciousness emanating from within it. He could hear a buzzing sound from inside his head as if someone was hitting it with a blunt object, which unnerved him.


A voice came from inside his head. At that moment, he had killing intent.

Horrified, he immediately tossed the sword aside. The moment it left his hand, his killing intent dissipated.

Thomas took a deep breath and exclaimed, “What an evil sword.”

Simon recollected himself and walked over to Thomas.

Looking at the Malevolent Sword on the ground, his face darkened, and he murmured, “How can a sword be this evil? Based on the information given to me by my predecessor, this sword should only be an invincible weapon. Why would it have such powerful malicious thoughts?”

Simon could not understand it. Thomas did not know either.

“What’s going on, Simon?” Thomas looked at him.

Simon shook his head, “I don’t know either. When my Grand Master told me about the secret of the Snow Cavern, he didn’t mention anything about the Malevolent Sword.”

“Who cares? We’ll open the iron door with the sword.”

Thomas would not give up now. He walked over to the sword and was about to pick it up when Simon pulled him back in time.

‘Thomas, something’s not quite right. We should look around first.”

Thomas stopped and asked, “What is there to look around for?”

Simon said, “Maybe there’s a message left behind.”

Not only was the Malevolent Sword evil, but it was also left behind by the Prince of Orchid Mountain. Evidently, he knew about this sword. Perhaps there were some clues left behind here.

Though the cave was dimly lit, the two were powerful martial artists. They could clearly see the surroundings with ease.

“Over there…” Simon pointed at the location above the black iron door where the Malevolent Sword was located. A few characters were carved on it.

The two leaped into the air and levitated in mid-air.

These were characters from a thousand years ago.

As the two were ancient martial artists, they recognized the characters, which recorded what happened when the Prince of Orchid Mountain brought his men here to slay the Spirit Turtle.

Many of the prince’s men were slain, and only a few survived. At the very end, there was a record about the Malevolent Sword.

Back then, when the Malevolent Sword pierced the Spirit Turtle’s body, it was contaminated with its fresh blood.

Then, the owner of the sword experienced Energy Deviation and lost his rationality. In the end, the Prince of Orchid Mountain severed his arm and seized the Malevolent Sword.

Meanwhile, the Malevolent King lost consciousness, but the prince did not save him. Instead, he only took the sword.

After doing some research, he realized that the Malevolent Sword had become a sword imbued with evil energy when it was contaminated by Spirit Turtle blood.

“Let our future generations be known that Spirit Turtle blood is imbued with evil energy. Though it may greatly boost one’s strength, it can also make one experience Energy Deviation. Those who wish to enter, beware!”

After they finished reading it, the two looked at one another.


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