The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220
After walking for so long, they still could not find any trace of the Spirit Turtle.

“How would I know?” Simon said.

Although he knew of the secret here, he had never passed through the mechanisms to arrive here.

“Let’s head deeper into the passageway.”

Thomas could not believe that the Spirit Turtle was dead.

Based on the information left behind by the Prince of Orchid, the Spirit Turtle had lived for many years. It was already three thousand years old even a millennium ago. Even if it suffered an injury, it would not die that easily.

The two headed deeper into the Snow Cavern. Before long, they arrived at the deepest part of the passageway. There was a pool of water covered in a thin mist.

Scanning his surroundings, Simon said, “There are no other paths.”

Thomas nodded slightly and looked at the pool of water in front of him, “If the Spirit Turtle is still alive, it must have concealed itself beneath the pool.”

After saying that, he waved, and catalyzed True Energy struck the surface of the water. Boom!

It created a huge splash.

At that moment, the Snow Cavern began to shake. A huge turtle ten meters in height and thirty meters in length slowly emerged from the water. Its shell was black and covered in moss. Its red eyes glimmering in the dark made the atmosphere eerie.

“T–The Spirit Turtle…”

Seeing the Spirit Turtle, Thomas was exhilarated. He swiftly struck the Spirit Turtle once more with True Energy. However, the creature was unscathed. It swiftly left the water and slammed its tail against the two with great force.

Thomas and Simon’s faces paled, and Thomas hastily retreated.

The Spirit Turtle’s tail struck the surrounding stone wall, which turned it into rubble.


The Snow Cavern began to shake, showing signs of an imminent collapse.

“What power…” Thomas‘ face paled, and he hurriedly fled.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Turtle, which had awakened from its slumber, was thoroughly enraged. It gave chase.

Although Thomas and Simon’s movements were quick, the Spirit Turtle was much faster despite its huge size. It simply charged forward and flew out of the Snow Cavern.

After escaping the Snow Cavern, Thomas and Simon leaped to the sky.

The Spirit Turtle followed close behind, roaring. Its roar was like thunder. In an instant, mountains shook and the earth rumbled.

At the Mount Thunder Sect…

Everyone was watching the fierce battle between Callan and Lucjan. However, at that moment, two figures came flying through. Then, a roar reverberated throughout the mountains. As the earth shook,

the snow mountains nearby began to collapse, which caused an avalanche. Everyone turned their heads.

A giant turtle could be seen levitating in the air.

“What in the…”

“What the hell is that?”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

James looked at the two figures. They were Thomas and Simon.

Puzzled, he murmured, “Isn’t that Grandpa and Simon Cabral of the Mount Thunder Sect? Why are they together? Besides, what is that monster?”


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