The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222
Then, Callan charged toward the Spirit Turtle.

His speed was extraordinary. In the blink of an eye, he appeared on top of the Spirit Turtle. Then, raising his arm, terrifying True Energy gathered in his palm and descended from the sky, which struck the Spirit Turtle’s head.

However, the Spirit Turtle had thick skin. Even though Callan’s power was great and his True Energy was unparalleled, he could not deal any substantive damage to the Spirit Turtle.

After being attacked, the Spirt Turtle was enraged and slammed its tail against Callan. Callan was struck and immediately sent flying, Then, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Even before this, he was already gravely injured. Upon seeing the Spirit Turtle and hearing that its blood could grant one immortality, he hastily made a move. However, he had severely underestimated the Spirit Turtle. After being struck by its tail, his condition deteriorated.

After the Spirit Turtle sent Callan flying, Thomas immediately acted. He knew that the others would not risk their lives if he did not make the first move. At that moment, Simon followed close behind Thomas.

Upon seeing Simon, Delainey furrowed her eyebrows. “Isn’t that the Grand Patriarch? I didn’t know he was still alive.”

Though she had never seen Simon in person, she had seen a portrait of him before.

“Grand Patriarch, accept my sword!”

Delainey cried out. Then, she tossed the Frost Sword in her hand into the air.

Simon flawlessly caught the sword and unsheathed it.


With the Frost Sword in hand, Simon launched the Ice Sword Art. Cold Energy turned into ice which became a sword. Then, it struck the Spirit Turtle with great force.

A fierce battle broke out in the sky.

Mountains collapsed, and the earth shook.

“Everyone, the Spirit Turtle will enter a weakened phase once every one hundred years. Now, it’s currently in its weakened phase. If we don’t strike now, we won’t have an opportunity to do so in the future,” Thomas cried out.

“Are you speaking the truth, Thomas?” came a doubtful voice.

“I speak nothing but the truth. Simon Cabral, Grand Patriarch of the Mount Thunder Sect can vouch for me.”

Simon said, “That’s right, he’s speaking the truth. The Mount Thunder Sect was established by the Prince of Orchid to guard the sealed–away Spirit Turtle. Now that the time has come, I removed the seal and released the Spirit Turtle.”

Hearing this, many powerful figures wavered. The eighth–rank martial artists were already old. They were nearing their end.

Now, the opportunity to attain immortality lay before them.

“I will help you!” said a voice.

Then, an elderly man appeared. It was Winston Blithe, Grand Patriarch of the Blithes.

Judging by how the battle between Callan, Thomas, Simon, and the Spirit Turtle went, Winston knew that the Spirit Turtle was strong. Immediately, he used the Blithe Fist of Abomination, the signature martial art skill of the Blithes.

Below, Bennett Caden was observing the battle.

“So this is the secret of the four paintings. To think that Thomas managed to gather them and unravel the secret behind them. Immortality… What an alluring prospect…”

No one was unafraid of death, even Bennett.

Now, the secret to attaining immortality lay before him.

With Winston joining the battle, Bennett leaped into the air and joined the battle too.

At the Johnstons…

Yaakov Johnston was retreating with the disciples of the Johnstons.

After leaving the Mount Thunder Sect, he watched the fierce battle which was happening in the air.


His face darkened.

“I have to obtain the Spirit Turtle’s blood. Leave this place at once.”

After giving his instructions, he soared to the sky and made haste toward the battle. He also wanted to slay the Spirit Turtle and be the first to consume its blood.


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