The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1223

Chapter 1123

“T want money.” Helping her mother up, Delilah looked at Halvor and said, “Give me 100 million dollars and help me clear all of my debt.

In return, I’ll give you the information.” Though she did not know what technology his stepfather’s company had made a breakthrough in, she knew it would be worth a fortune.

Otherwise, the Tucksons would not have gone to such lengths.

After all, they risked antagonizing the Emperor for this.

“Sure.” Halvor did not hesitate.

To him, they were already dead.

He would agree to whatever conditions they put forward.

“First, get us a doctor to treat our injuries,” Delilah said witha frustrated look on her face.

Her expression, which seemed to be one of resignation and helplessness, managed to fool Halvor.

He thought that Delilah had information regarding the technological breakthrough and was ready to hand them over to him out of fear.

However, Delilah was an actress, whose acting skills were top-notch.

“Sure.” Halvor nodded and immediately ordered, “Call the doctor.” “Can you stand, Mom?” Helping Jeanne up, Delilah looked at Halvor and asked, “Don’t tell me you’re still going to imprison us in this underground basement?” “T’ll arrange a room for you too,” Halvor said with a bright smile.

Soon, Delilah and her mother were brought to a room.

Delilah whispered, “Don’t worry, Mom.

The Emperor will be here to save us soon.

It’s over for the Tucksons.” Jeanne was afraid.

She had never stared death in the eye.

Even now, she was still shivering in fear.

“will everything be alright, Delilah?” she asked fearfully.

At that moment, the door opened and a female doctor walked in.

Behind her were Halvor and a few other Tucksons.

Delilah immediately said, “Everything will be alright, Mom.

Once I hand over the information, we’ll receive 100 million dollars, which will be enough for the rest of our lifetime.

Then, we’ll the Capital and never return.” “At least you aren’t dumb.” Wearing a bright smile, Halvor asked, “T got you a doctor.

Where’s the research data?” “T-In my house,” Delilah said.

“Where?” “There’s a tiny shelf in my room.

The research data is inside it,” Delilah began making things up.

Halvor immediately dispatched his men.

Delilah silently pleaded that James would arrive before the Tucksons reach her house.

Otherwise, she and her mother would be doomed.

At that moment, James had already departed from the military region with the Black Dragon Army.

The thousand-strong Black Dragon Army had already joined the Red Flame Army, giving them authority to act with impunity.

The mighty column of convoys departed.

James was in the backseat of the frontmost convoy, resting.

Henry who was beside him asked, “James, what’s our plan of action this time?” “The Tucksons,” James said.

“What? Who are they?” Henry was confused.

As he spent most of his days in the Southern Plains, he knew little about the Capital and the families there.

James said, “The Tucksons are a powerful family established in the Capital for centuries.

They have a close relationship with many high-ranking officials.

First, we’ll head over to the Tucksons’ residence and save lives.

After that, we’ll arrest all individuals related to them.” “What?” Henry was stunned.

“James, the Capital will be turned upside down.” James smiled.


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