The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225
Human desires were infinite, especially the desire to live forever.

No one was unafraid of death. The longer one lived, the more afraid of death one would be.

If the blood of the Spirit Turtle truly allowed one to attain immortality, there would be a fierce battle amongst the martial artists after they slayed it.

Who would be the last one standing?

James had no idea. He simply observed the battle from afar.

In the sky, the martial artists all performed their own signature martial art skills. Waves after waves of True Energy struck the Spirit Turtle.


Enraged, the Spirit Turtle’s tail lashed out. The powerful force sent three martial artists flying. They vomited a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground.

As he watched the intense battle, James‘ heart skipped a beat.

The Spirit Turtle seemed invincible. It was unscathed despite being attacked by so many martial artists from all sides. Not only that, the attackers seemed to be getting injured one by one.

On the battlefield…

Even Thomas was injured. He seized an opportunity and retreated.

Then, outside the area where the battle was raging on, he watched the situation intently and observed everyone’s condition.

He knew the weakness of the Spirit Turtle. Once the Spirit Turtle was weakened, he would make a move. However, before that, he would have to wait for the other martial artists to be weakened as well.

Only he was worthy of attaining immortality.

Since Simon knew about Thomas‘ objective, he began saving his strength.

After watching for a while, Thomas believed that they would not be able to slay the Spirit Turtle if this continued. Immediately, he catalyzed True Energy and charged toward the Spirit Turtle at great speed.

The True Energy transformed into a long sword.

Holding the sword in his hand, Thomas appeared above the Spirit Turtle. Then, in the blink of an eye, he pierced the Spirit Turtle’s eye with the sword.


Enraged, a powerful force burst forth from within the Spirit Turtle.

Thomas was struck. He was sent flying and collapsed to the ground near a collapsed snow


Blood gushed out from the Spirit Turtle’s eye. Then, it staggered backward.

Wiping the blood off his lips, Thomas got up with great difficulty and yelled, “Quick, the Spirit Turtle is injured. Once we slay it, everyone can obtain its blood. Not only can one attain

immortality, but its blood could even boost one’s True Energy and allow one to reach the ninth rank.”

Thomas‘ voice reverberated throughout the mountains.

Now that everyone knew that the Spirit Turtle was injured, they launched their most powerful attacks.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Turtle tried to escape.

While escaping, blood gushed out from its injury. Even its blood contained terrifying corrosive power. Everything that came into contact with it was corroded beyond recognition.

In a safe region not too far away…

A woman wearing a bamboo hat was standing there.

It was Thea.

She was worried she would never see James ever again after leaving. That was why she chose to return. She had been observing the battle from a distance and saw the appearance of Thomas and a giant turtle that was pursuing him.

Thea remained in a safe zone. Now, however, the Spirit Turtle was heading in her direction. Seeing this, her face paled, and she ran immediately.

The Spirit Turtle was trying to flee in the air. However, as it was injured, its movements were slow. Not only that, many powerful martial artists were pursuing it. After watching Thomas‘ move, they began targeting the Spirit Turtle’s head.

In a short amount of time, the Spirit Turtle was blooded all over.

Blood began pouring down from the sky.

Thea who was trying to flee was struck by a single drop of blood. “Argh!”

The Spirit Turtle’s blood was boiling.


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