The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226
At the moment of contact, Thea cried out in pain. Then, she collapsed on the ground and writhed in agony.

More blood came pouring down. In an instant, Thea was covered in a pool of blood.

Lying on the ground, she lost consciousness.

As the Spirit Turtle fled, the others gave chase.

Enraged, the Spirit Turtle gathered strength and turned to face its pursuers once more.

The fierce battle raged on for hours.

The Spirit Turtle was fatigued, while the martial artists were injured.

Seeing that the time had come, Thomas launched his most powerful attack and sliced the Spirit Turtle’s head off. At that moment, a core fell out.

The red core that was as big as a basketball glimmered.

“A core?”

Upon seeing the core, everyone lost their minds.

At that moment, they totally forgot about obtaining the turtle’s blood. They knew that a core would greatly boost their strength. Not only that, this was the core of a thousand–year–old Spirit Turtle. It was worth much more than the turtle’s blood.

Thomas was only trying to obtain its bile. He did not expect there to be a core inside its head, but he knew that it was priceless.

As he was the closest to the core, he immediately seized it the moment it appeared. Right then, many martial artists hurried over and launched their most powerful attacks.

“Damn it!” Thomas cursed. “How do they still have so much strength despite fighting for so long?”

At that moment, Thomas could no longer care less about exterminating the others. He simply fled with the core in hand. Once he refined the core after going into hiding, he would be invincible.

“Thomas, you lied to me.” Wielding the Frost Sword in his hand, Simon cursed. “We had a deal, Thomas. How dare you try to have it all yourself? Stop right there!”

Then, he waved the Frost Sword.

Simon held back in the battle against the Spirit Turtle just now. Now that he was using all of his strength, the earth shook. The Frost Sword’s powerful Sword Energy engulfed the surroundings.

At that moment, the other martial artists also attacked, and Thomas was besieged on all sides. “F*ck!” He cursed.

Thomas had no choice but to toss the core in his hand aside. It was struck by the attacks. In an instant, it disintegrated into pieces and scattered into the wind.

The martial artists immediately gave chase.

Seeing that they were pursuing the fragmented core, a grin crept up on Thomas‘ face.

He swiftly descended from the sky and appeared before the carcass of the Spirit Turtle. Then, True Energy transformed into a sword, which he used to pierce the creature’s body and retrieve its bile.

Although the core was a priceless item, its worth was greatly reduced now that it was fragmented.

After retrieving the bile, Thomas also obtained some of the creature’s blood. Then, he pulled out a mini e–bomb, tossed it on the Spirit Turtle’s carcass, and took cover.


The Spirit Turtle was bombed into smithereens.

Then, Thomas appeared at the peak of a snow mountain and observed his surroundings. The other martial artists were in the midst of a fierce battle for the core.

“Fight to your heart’s content. In the end, I’ll be the one who reaps all the benefits.”

He cackled.

At the same time, a few kilometers away from the Mount Thunder Sect…

An army was garrisoned here. In the lead was Gloom, who had been waiting for a couple of hours. However, the fierce battle was not showing any signs of subsiding.

“How terrifying…” he could not help but exclaim.

He never thought there would still be so many powerful figures within Sol.

“From today onwards, there will be no more powerful martial artist in Sol. Once everyone here perishes, the various sects and families would be rudderless. It would be much easier to wipe them all out,” he murmured.

Then, he turned around and ordered, “It’s almost time. Prepare to detonate the bomb. I want all combat aircraft to be in position. The moment the bombs detonate, I want you to completely flatten the

mountain range. No one will leave that place alive.”


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