The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227
Thea was completely covered in the Spirit Turtle’s blood.

The blood was boiling, and she felt excruciating pain throughout her body. At the same time, the blood corroded her clothes and entered her body through her skin. She felt power surging into her body and gushing forth into her brain.

Then, she lost consciousness.

After some time, she regained consciousness.


The moment she woke up, she had a mind–splitting headache. She could not help but groan in pain.


At that moment, the sound of an explosion rocked the mountains, and the earth rumbled.

She immediately stood up in shock. Then, more explosions came.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thea began panicking.

Meanwhile, James was with Jackson.

The Spirit Turtle had been slain, and its core had fragmented into many tiny pieces. Many powerful

martial artists were duking it out for the core.

Both of them were planning to head over to the battlefield to observe the situation when the explosion happened. The two almost lost their footing.

“What happened?” Jackson panicked.

After steadying himself, James turned his head.


Not too far away, the earth shook, and cracks began appearing on the ground.

“F*ck!” James cursed. “Quick, run! There are bombs planted everywhere underground. They’ve been detonated.”

After he said that, he catalyzed True Energy and escaped.


The moment he escaped, the earth exploded, and a chain of explosions happened in the vicinity of the Mount Thunder Sect. The fierce battle from before had greatly damaged the mountains. With the detonation of the bombs, some began disintegrating.


Seeing that the mountains were collapsing, Thea’s face paled.

“H–Help… she cried out.

She tried catalyzing True Energy to escape. However, the moment she catalyzed True Energy, she could feel a searing pain throughout her body.


She could not escape. As the earth shook, she staggered and collapsed to the ground. Color drained from her face as she pleaded for help.

However, her voice was inaudible in these desolate parts of the mountains.

Soon, a crack appeared on the ground and was heading toward her. Seeing this, Thea panicked and tried to flee, but when she turned around, she smashed herself onto a rock.

Her eyes were brimming with tears from the pain.

“Sob… Darling, where are you? Save me!” Thea cried out in despair.

At that moment, many combat aircraft appeared in the sky and launched a few missiles.




The missiles struck the region, and the earth shook.

Everyone pursuing the core froze. They could not comprehend what was going on, nor did they know why there were combat aircraft bombing the area they were in. In an instant, they swiftly dodged as the missiles rained down on them.

At the peak of a snow mountain…

Thomas was scanning his surroundings while standing on a rock.

Wearing a solemn expression, he looked at the combat aircraft and murmured, “What is the King trying to do? Does he intend to annihilate everyone here at the Mount Thunder Sect?”

At that moment, he heard a plea for help.

James frowned. “What the hell? Is this Thea’s voice?”

He thought he must have misheard the voice. Concentrating his mind, he listened intently.

Then, he heard it.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.


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