The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228
In an instant, he appeared before Thea.

Then, waving his arm, powerful energy gathered in his palm, which pulled Thea over to him. He grabbed Thea and asked, “Why are you still here, Thea? I thought you returned last night.”

“Sir Caden…”

Upon seeing Thomas, Thea burst into tears.

Seeing the blood all over her, Thomas furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Are you injured?”

Then, pulling Thea’s arm, he took her pulse.

Thomas‘ face darkened.

“What power…”

At that moment, a missile came flying toward them.

“Let’s go.”

As an eighth–rank martial artist, Thomas could sense danger. Pulling Thea by the arm, they swiftly escaped. Then, missiles rained down on the region they were at just a moment ago.


The entire region was immediately flattened, and debris scattered in the wind. A hundred or so combat aircraft circled the sky and continued bombing the place non–stop.

Even though they were eighth–rank martial artists, they could not withstand the relentless bombardment. Not only that, their previous injuries only worsened their situation.

“Damn it!” Thomas cursed while trying to escape with Thea. “Just wait! Once I leave this place alive, I’ll make sure you people burn in hell!”

However, there were too many combat aircraft in the air. Thomas was an eighth–rank martial artist, but he could not break the encirclement alongside Thea. In desperation, he swiftly headed toward the Snow Cavern. It was the only place that could potentially save their lives.

The mountain collapsed, but Thomas‘ speed was extraordinary. He managed to charge into the Snow Cavern in the nick of time before the rubble buried the entrance underneath.

There was still some commotion outside.

Meanwhile, the surrounding rocks in the Snow Cavern were being turned to rubble too.

Thomas had no choice but to head further into the passageway.

While passing by the iron door, he saw the Malevolent Sword on the ground. He swiftly picked it up and catalyzed True Energy to suppress the malicious thoughts of the Malevolent Sword.

Soon, they arrived at the deepest parts of the passageway.

Though it had quieted down, there were still slight movements of the earth rumbling beneath them. However, the Snow Cavern which seemed to be artificially constructed was very sturdy.

“Sir Caden, my body… I feel so hot…”

Thea, who was still conscious, could feel a ball of flames burning her insides. She tried to remove her clothes.

“This girl…”

Thomas swiftly struck Thea’s acupuncture points. Then, he took her pulse.

After a while, he asked, “What happened, Thea?”

Thea’s cheeks were reddened, and she was wearing a pained expression. “I–I don’t know… Blood poured down from the sky. I came into contact with it and this happened.”

“The blood of the Spirit Turtle…” Realization dawned on Thomas‘ face.

Then, he pressed his palms against Thea’s back, and powerful True Energy entered her body. He began using his True Energy to refine the concentrated and potent energy that was trapped inside her.

At the same time, outside…

James and Jackson were fleeing for their lives.

“This can’t go on, James. Their attacks are too concentrated. We’ll die if this continues,” Jackson said anxiously.

“Damn it!” James cursed. He never expected the King to be this vicious.

They could not go further in. Otherwise, they would be killed.

“Let’s turn back.”

There was no other option. They could only turn back and look for the person in charge of the army.

“Mhm.” Jackson nodded.

James swiftly turned back.

All this while, he was tense, fearful of any incoming missiles.

His speed was extraordinary. Soon, he was outside the Mount Thunder Sect.

Outside the Mount Thunder Sect, there was an army garrisoned there.

Looking at the flattened mountain range, a grin crept up on Gloom’s face.

At that moment, a soldier ran toward him and reported, “Sir, someone has broken through.”

Gloom’s face darkened, and he said, “Didn’t I order you to shoot anyone who leaves?”

“I–It’s the Dragon King, the Emperor.”

Hearing this, Gloom furrowed his eyebrows.


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