The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230
“What are you doing, James?”

Gloom’s face darkened. However, no matter how hard he struggled, he could not break free. After all, his acupuncture points were struck.

“Retreat,” James ordered.

The soldiers looked at one another, seemingly at a loss.

They knew that James was the Dragon King and the commander–in–chief of the Black Dragon Army of the Southern Plains and the Red Flame Army of the Capital.

“What army group is this?” James asked coldly as he looked at the columns of soldiers in formation.

A soldier stepped forward and said cautiously, “S–Sir, we’re part of the special forces which are not affiliated with any army group. We answer directly to the King.”

“I’ll say this once more. Retreat now,” James ordered.


“Do you have a death wish? Do you know who you’re fighting against? You’re having a good time bombarding them only because they are injured. Once you back them to a corner, they can shoot down the combat aircraft with ease. Retreat now if you don’t have a death wish.”

“Dragon King, we can not follow your orders.”


James was enraged.

At that moment, the martial artists were also enraged. They fought back with all their might, and many combat aircraft were shot down.”

“Sir, the enemy has shot down many of our aircraft.”

Hearing this, Gloom’s face darkened, and he yelled, “Quick, launch Air Force One Missile now!”

James roared, “Who dares?!”

“James, do you know what you’re doing now? This is the perfect opportunity. Once we miss this opportunity to annihilate them all, it’ll be nearly impossible to defeat them in the future. If we let them leave this place alive, the consequences will be dire.”

Gloom looked at James pleadingly. “Please, James… Leave… Stop meddling in our affairs.”

“No way.”

After he said that, he pulled his phone out and called Henry.

James ordered, “Mobilize your men and head over to Peace Mansion to look for the King.”

“What?” Henry froze before asking, “Are you serious, James?”

“Yes, I am. Kill anyone who stands in your way.”

“You’ve gone mad, James. Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” Gloom cried out.

“You’re the ones who have gone mad.”

“D–Don’t act recklessly. Unseal my acupuncture points. I’ll call the King and ask for his opinion.”

James was just trying to intimidate Gloom. He swiftly unsealed his acupuncture points.

Gloom immediately pulled his phone out and called the King.

At Peace Mansion…

The King was leaning on the sofa watching the news. A civil war broke out in a small nation, and many died in the process.

At that moment, his phone rang.

Picking up the phone, he asked in a monotonous voice, “How did it go?”

“Something unexpected happened. There were too many eighth–rank martial artists at the Mount Thunder Sect. Now, they have begun fighting back, causing many of our combat aircraft to be shot down. I suggested launching Air Force One Missile. However, James showed up and demanded me to retreat.”

Hearing this, the King’s face darkened.

“James already called the Black Shadow General to head over to Peace Mansion to kill you.”

After a moment of thought, the King asked, “What is the situation with the martial artists?”

Gloom said, “Our combat aircraft have relentlessly bombarded Mount Thunder Sect. Everyone else apart from a few powerful martial artists should be dead. What should we do now, King? We can’t annihilate them all without launching the Air Force One Missile. Besides, James…”

James immediately grabbed the phone and shouted, “Retreat at once.”

The King spoke monotonously, “James, do you know what retreating would mean? Do you know how dire the consequences would be?”

“I’ll bear the consequences.”

“But how, James?”

James said, “I have reached the seventh rank. With the martial arts I’ve cultivated, I can stand against even an eighth–rank martial artist in battle. Who would dare go against me if I’m garrisoned at the Capital?”


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