The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231
James was not being arrogant.

He had reached the seventh rank. Not only that, but the martial technique that he was practicing was the Invincible Body Siddhi. With this martial technique, his defense was quite strong. He was confident that he would not lose against the eighth rank.

Besides, he had mastered the Thirteen Heavenly Swords, so he had the capabilities.

The King was silent. He had been anticipating this day for a very long time.

Now, he could finally strike them all at once. He did not want to pass up this opportunity.

“James, you’re the Dragon King of the Southern Plains and the general of two armies. Do you realize the extent to which these ancient martial artists meddle in the affairs of the country? They disregard the law. They should perish and cease to exist. This is an opportunity. There won’t be another one if we miss it.”

“I’m aware of that, but do you know how many powerhouses are here? Do you actually think they can be killed?”

James was at the seventh rank. He was well aware of how powerful the seventh rank was, as well as how terrifying the eighth rank was. Their mere presence would be capable of causing drastic changes in situations.

The only reason they were battered and fleeing in all directions was that they were hurt. All of these combat aircraft and the surrounding army combined would not be enough to kill them if they were really pushed to a point of desperation.

“Don’t force them into a death match. Otherwise, everyone here will perish. This is not an exaggeration intended to scare you. They are definitely capable of doing so. Many combat aircraft have already been brought down.”

“Therefore, we must instantly demolish that area with powerful missiles,” the King said with a darkened. expression.

“This is not child’s play,” James said after taking a deep breath. “Retreat immediately. I’ll deal with the fallout.”

The King was lost in his own thoughts. In his position, he had far too many things to consider. He did not expect there to be so many eighth ranks in the borders of Sol. Two or three of them were already a long shot in his prediction.

The current situation exceeded his expectations.

After thinking for a while, he let out a sigh. “James, I’m going to let you handle it. I’ll be stepping down from the throne next year anyway. To put it bluntly, I don’t need to worry about these things. I simply want to give the new King a peaceful country and not have him caught in the middle. I’m getting old. Future responsibilities for the nation will fall on your shoulders and those of the younger generation.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

“Order from the King. Withdraw the troops,” James instructed immediately.

Gloom was standing next to James. He, too, heard the voice from the phone call.

“Pass on the order that the entire army is to be evacuated,” he said as well.


“Quickly. Evacuate.”

Following the order, the army stationed around the Mount Thunder Sect began to withdraw. Combat aircraft that were still in the air took off quickly as well.

The area finally regained its peace.

After the troops had evacuated, James exhaled a sigh of relief.

“I hope you can handle the consequences, James.” Gloom cast a glance at James, then turned around and left without staying any longer.

James looked at the mountain range in the distance. It was broken into chunks by the impacts. Even though the fighting was over, parts of the mountain were still slipping downward.

Jackson had remained silent. Only after the army had withdrawn did he sigh and say, “Ah… I wonder how the people who entered the underground shelter are doing.”

“They should be fine if the shelter is sturdy enough. What we need to do now is to start the rescue operation and search through the mountains to rescue the ancient martial artists,” said James.

“That… That’s too difficult.”

Jackson shook his head slightly.

Numerous mountains had been struck and collapsed.

Searching through them would be very difficult.

“Even if it’s hard, we have to save them.” James looked determined.

There were so many ancient martial artists. It was unacceptable to just give them up.

He called Henry again, “Cancel the mission, Henry. Give out an order to relocate the Red Flame Army from the Capital to Terentville, and the Black Dragon Army as well, along with a variety of rescue equipment. I’m getting ready to dig through mountains to rescue some people. It must be quick.”

“Mr. Caden, what happened?”

Henry knew that James went to the Mount Thunder Sect in Terentville, but did not know about the ancient martial artists.

“Don’t ask. Just be quick. Send word to the Blithe King to send troops for the rescue as well.”

James was running out of time. He needed to dig through the mountains as soon as possible. Otherwise, the ancient martial artists buried underneath would be in grave danger.

Even if they were ancient martial artists with relatively strong physical constitutions in comparison to ordinary people, being buried underground for an extended period of time would be detrimental.


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