The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232
“Yes. I’ll arrange for it right away.”

As soon as Henry received the order, he went to make the necessary arrangements.

He notified the Red Flame Army and the Black Dragon Army. He called the Blithe King as well and informed him to dispatch troops for support.

In the three major military regions, helicopters began to take off.

Outside the Mount Thunder Sect…

“Let’s head over and take a look, Mr. Cabrall, to see how many eighth–rank powerhouses have made it through. Others may live, but members of the Gu Sect must die,” said James.

James‘ goal was to eradicate the Gu Sect. This was an excellent opportunity, and he did not want to pass it up.

“Alright.” Jackson nodded.

Both of them leaped into the air and flew toward the Mount Thunder Sect.

Soon, they appeared in the sky above some ruins. They both stood several meters in the air, scanning the ground below.

Black smoke was coming from many locations below, giving off the impression of a battle’s aftermath. James did not notice anyone in his line of sight.

He looked at Jackson and said, “It’ll be better to split up and search separately. Be careful. If the eighth- rank powerhouses make a deadly attack, even if they are critically wounded and on the verge of

death, it will be sufficient to wipe out the seventh–rank.”

“I don’t need you to remind me, James. I know more about the ancient martial artists than you do,” said Jackson with a wry smile.

Out of embarrassment, James touched his nose. “I’ve forgotten. You’re the Sect Leader of the Mount Thunder Sect, as well as a senior in the world of ancient martial arts.”

“You should be more careful instead,” reminded Jackson.

“I’ll be careful.” James nodded. Then, he left.

In these ruins, he began searching for the survivors.

He looked for them with keen perception.

After a short while, he heard some rapid breathing. He came down from the sky and emerged on a spot among the ruins. The area was strewn with broken pieces of rock.

He walked over. Behind a massive rock, a middle–aged man was covered in blood and gasping for air.

“Callan Maverick?”

Upon seeing the person, James was stunned. He raised his hands shortly, powerful True Energy forming in his palms. He was aware that Callan had been injured, and that the injury had been severe.

Callan was initially ambushed, after which he engaged in a fierce battle with the Spirit Turtle. Then he had to evade the missile attack. He was now on the verge of death. It was the best time to strike.

“James Caden?”

Callan was leaning on the rock. He could not help but take a breath as he saw James appear. Slowly, he said, “I know. You want to kill me. Everyone in the world wants to kill me. But, before you strike, would you mind listening to what I have to say?”

James looked at him and did not strike immediately.

Struggling to breathe, Callan asked, “Why do you wish to kill me?”

“For the country. For the people.”

“Heh!” Callan scoffed. “What a dignified reason. Strike then.”

Callan closed his eyes. He was badly injured and could no longer use his True Energy. Now, even a regular person could kill him.

James furrowed his brows slightly. Looking at Callan, he asked, “What? That’s not enough of a reason?” “History is written by the victors. Nothing more needs to be said.”

Callan was leaning against the rock, covered in blood. His face was pale. He looked at James and kept gasping for air.

“I’m merely one of the defeated, but what did I do wrong?

“In the past, Lance incited martial artists all over the world to attack the Gu Sect. The Gu Sect was annihilated. What did my people do wrong, may I ask?

“For all these years, I’ve been meditating in seclusion. Have I brought disaster and chaos into the world or initiated any armed conflict?”

Callan asked three questions, one after the other.


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