The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235
“Sir Caden, what’s this?”

Thomas was scanning his surroundings with the intention of finding a path to leave when he heard Thea’s voice. He turned to look and asked, “What?”

Thea was pointing at a black sword that was lying on the ground.

This place was deep underground. The area was surrounded by darkness and devoid of light.

However, Thea was in the third rank. Her vision was quite good. She could see despite the fact that everything around her was pitch black.

The darkness was even less of a problem for Thomas.


Thomas explained, “This is the Malevolent. It was the sword of a super elite who served under the Prince of Orchid Mountain. The Prince of Orchid Mountain led many elites here a thousand years ago to kill the Spirit Turtle, but they failed. The owner of the Malevolent stabbed the Spirit Turtle and was tainted with its blood. As a result, his energy deviated and he lost his mind. The Prince of the Orchid Mountain intervened and severed his arm before taking away the sword.

This is a mysterious sword. It’s a sword of evil. Even I can’t control it.”

Thomas gave a brief introduction.

“A sword of evil?” Thea mumbled doubtfully. She walked over, bent down, and picked up the Malevolent Sword that was lying on the ground.

“What are you doing? Put that down immediately,” Thomas shouted promptly.

However, Thea had already picked it up. The Malevolent felt familiar to her the moment she held it as if it were a part of her body.

She waved it around a few times. The sword emitted a piercing light.

“What a good sword,” she could not help but exclaim.

“You?” Thomas stared at Thea and asked, “Don’t you sense any discomfort? Do you have a strong desire to kill?”

“Huh? No?”

Thea had a puzzled expression on her face. “Why would there be a desire to kill?” she asked.

Thomas explained, “The blood of the Spirit Turtle is extremely evil. This sword was tainted with the Spirit Turtle’s blood. It has the ability to influence people’s minds and give them the desire to kill people. They could even be controlled by the sword. Could it be that you don’t feel that?”

“No.” Thea shook her head.

Thomas was perplexed.

Why was this so?

He was in the eighth rank. Simon Cabral was in the eighth rank as well. However, they could not control the sword, but Thea could.

Was it because she was also tainted with the blood of the Spirit Turtle?

As he thought about this, he took a deep breath and reminded her, “Thee, the sword is truly evil, and the blood of the Spirit Turtle is also quite strange. At the moment, I haven’t figured out what affects the blood has on people, so you should be more cautious”

“Apart from a slight discomfort and a little warmth inside my body, Sir Caden, I don’t feel anything whom said Thea

“Hmm. That’s for the best.” Thomas nodded and said, “Let’s figure out how to get out first. We’ll talk once we’re outside”

“Sir Caden, this is deep beneath the ground, and all of the exits are blocked. Is it still possible for us to leave?” Thea inquired. Her face was filled with worry.

“Yes. We definitely can.”

Thomas was certain.

They were only deep beneath the ground. There was nothing difficult about this. If he was not concerned about hurting Thea, he could have simply turned the mountain over.

The eighth–rank Celestial Raiser could move the wind and the clouds with their energy. If he went all out, turning over this mountain would be an easy feat. He did not put in a lot of effort earlier, so he had not expended much True Energy.

After listening to Thomas, Thea felt relieved.

Thomas turned around and walked toward the passage ahead.

The Snow Cavern was not formed naturally but was purposefully constructed. The paths were well- connected. Thomas had never been here before. He had no idea if there was an exit.

Thea followed behind him, holding the Malevolent.

“Sir Caden, what’s with the Spirit Turtle? Was the secret in the Four Ancient Paintings really about the Spirit Turtle’s secret? Can the Spirit Turtle’s blood really give people eternal life?” Thea inquired.


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