The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236
Hearing that, Thomas stopped and said, “Yes, the secret of the Four Ancient Paintings is to document the Spirit Turtle’s secret. As to whether it can give people eternal life, I don’t know either. That’s the information left by the Prince of Orchid Mountain. One thing is certain: the Core of the Spirit Turtle can greatly enhance people’s power.”

“Then, Sir Caden, you stole the paintings from the other three families. You were also the one who instigated the feud between the four families. Previously, Yaroslav said you work for the Gu Sect Supreme Leader, Callan. Are these all true? What kind of person are you exactly?”

Thea asked the question that had been on her mind.

This was not just her question; it was also James‘ question. It was just that Thomas had not been showing up, so James did not have the chance to ask.

Thea was curious to find out what kind of person Thomas was exactly. Was he a good person, or a bad person?

“Thea…” Thomas let out a sigh and said, “You must remember that in this world, there is no absolute good or bad. Good or bad is simply a matter of perspective. What is good? What is bad?”

Thea was taken aback by Thomas‘ question. She pondered for a while and said, “It’s good to abide by the law. Oppressing the good and timid while fearing the wicked, as well as slaughtering innocents, are both bad.”

“Heh. How naive.” Thomas laughed softly. “The law is established by the strong.”

After saying that, Thomas stopped talking. Then, he turned around and left.

Thea, bewildered, touched her nose and soon followed behind.

The pathways of the Snow Cavern extended endlessly in all directions. Deep underground, the two of them walked for a very long time.

“This underground stone cavern is massive, Sir Caden.”

“Yes.” Thomas, who was walking in front, nodded and said, “This place is called the Snow Cavern. According to the information left by the Prince of Orchid Mountain, this location has existed for many years. The martial arts community considered it a forbidden area a thousand years ago. Rumor has it that this location can only be entered, not exited. Once you enter, you won’t be able to leave here alive.”

Thea asked, “Why is that?”

“How would I know?” said Thomas, spreading his hands.

“Eek!” Thea suddenly cried out in shock. “There are human bones, Sir Caden,” she said, pointing to the corner of the wall up ahead.

Thomas looked over. He noticed a pile of bones in the corner of a wall not far ahead of him and walked over. The bones had already weathered. They must have been dead for a very long time.

He furrowed his brow and muttered, “Why are there human bones here? Who was this person?”

Thea was like an inquisitive child, looking here and there.

Suddenly, she noticed some written text on the wall.

“Sir Caden, there are some writings on the wall.”

Thomas looked at it as well. The texts were ancient and from a thousand years ago. Aside from the

writings, there were some graphics.

“It’s a martial art manual.”

Thomas could not help but take a deep breath. He said, “I never expected someone to leave a martial art manual here. It was most likely left by the person whose bones are on the ground there when they were still alive.”

Thea also stared at it for a while, but she could not understand it.

“Sir Caden, what are these writings about?”

Thomas looked at it intently. Then, he started to circulate his energy according to the cultivation method written on the wall.

Within a few moments, he felt indications of an energy deviation. He immediately stopped and exclaimed, “What a strange and profound cultivation method.”

“What’s the matter, Sir Caden?” asked Thea.

“The cultivation method written on the wall is quite odd and complex. I can’t practice it. These pictures, on the other hand, appear to depict a sword technique,” explained Thomas.

As he was saying that, he continued to look at it. Soon, he finished studying it.

“Yes. This was left by the Malevolent King.”

“Is that the elite who served the Prince of Orchid Mountain and was the owner of the sword in my hands, Sir Caden?”

Thomas nodded. “Yes. The Malevolent King left a message. When he woke up, the exit was already blocked, so he couldn’t leave. He tried to survive here even though he was dying. There was no food, but because he was extremely powerful, he was able to use True Energy to keep his body alive. He had lived here for eighty years.”

“For eighty years, he was slipping in and out of madness. In this state, he came up with an evil sword technique. That’s the sword technique documented on the wall.”


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