The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238
Thomas stood still, raised his hand, and a burst of powerful energy radiated from his palm. The energy swirled and blocked the burst of Sword Energy that was heading toward him. In a flash, he then appeared behind Thea and tapped on a few major meridians on her back.

The blood–red glow in Thea’s eyes immediately dissipated.

She collapsed to the ground and lost consciousness.

Thomas stood to a side and looked at Thea, who had collapsed and was unconscious on the ground. He had a somber expression on his aged face.

The blood of the Spirit Turtle was Beast Blood. Even an elite like the Malevolent King could not withstand the Devilish Energy contained in the blood. It was undeniably bad that Thea was now tainted with Beast Blood.

A burst of True Energy formed in his palm as he raised his hand. He wanted to kill Thea while she was still unconscious so that she would not wake up and suffer from the Beast Blood.

Even though he had raised his hand, he was hesitant to strike. Eventually, he dispelled the True Energy in his palm.

Thomas could not bear to do it. He sat on the ground and waited for Thea to regain consciousness.

Thea woke up soon after. She rose from the ground, rubbing her temples. “Sir Caden, what happened to me?” she asked, a confused expression on her face.

Thomas looked at her and asked calmly, “Don’t you have any memory of it?”

“I… I don’t?”

Thea touched her head and said, “All I can recall is that I was attentively listening to you teach the Ataraxia. After that, I might have fallen asleep. I don’t remember anything else.”

Thomas could not help but take a deep breath. It appeared that the blood of the Spirit Turtle was indeed evil. After the energy deviation, there was not even a memory of it.

“Thea, your energy deviated just now.”

Thomas‘ wrinkled face was filled with worry. “Your entire body was glowing with a blood–red light. A powerful force was awakened within your body, and you struck at me with the Malevolent Sword. Fortunately, I have a strong cultivation base. If you were facing an ordinary person, they would have already been killed by your sword.”

“Ah?” After hearing that, Thea’s face turned pale in shock. Her delicate frame trembled. “R–Really?”

“Yes, it’s the truth.” Thomas nodded. “From now on, don’t circulate energy and don’t use your True Energy. If you do so, True Energy will stimulate the turtle’s blood in your body, causing it to erupt with a powerful force. With your intelligence and focus, you won’t be able to control the power of the turtle’s blood. Your energy will deviate, and you’ll become a machine that only knows how to kill.”

Thea was absolutely terrified by Thomas‘ words. She was so anxious she was on the verge of tears. “Then … Then what should I do?”

Thomas took a deep breath and said, “We have to get out of here first. When we return, we’ll see if we can transfuse blood and remove the Beast Blood from your body.”

“Mmhmm. Okay.” Thea kept nodding.

“Also, throw away the Malevolent Sword. It’s far too evil.”


Thea had a troubled expression on her face. She was reluctant because she felt a connection to the sword. It was like a part of her body, and she could not bear to throw it away.

“Sir Caden, t–there’s nothing evil about this sword.”

Thomas said coldly, “What, now you’re not even going to listen to me? It’s an evil sword because I said so.”

Thea immediately dropped the Malevolent Sword from her hands.

“Sir Caden, don’t be angry. I–I don’t want it anymore.”

“Alright. Let’s go.”

Thomas did not stay any longer and turned to leave.

Thea followed behind, but she kept looking back. She was really reluctant to part with the Malevolent Sword.

“What’s that about an evil sword… It’s obviously just a typical sword,” she muttered.

She would love to get it back.

However, she was afraid Sir Caden would get angry.


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