The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240
As the voice reverberated, countless incorporeal fists manifested and surged toward them with destructive force.

“The Blithe Fist of Abomination?”

James‘ expression changed slightly and he drew the Blade of Justice. With a flash, he appeared up ahead. The longsword in his grasp emitted a brilliant Sword Energy, blocking all of the terrifying punches.

The approaching individual was the Grand Patriarch of the Blithe family, Winston Blithe. He was already injured, and now James‘ Sword Energy jolted him backward.

“Haha. James, good job.”

Bennett laughed heartily before quickly disappearing from the area with Tobias.

“Damn it,” Winston cursed.

He wanted to pursue them, but James was in his way. He could not replicate himself to chase after them either.

“You’re looking for death, brat.” Winston glared at James, his expression slightly darkened.

The core of the Spirit Turtle was shattered into eight pieces, and there were many people battling the Spirit Turtle. There were over ten from the eighth rank, and quite a few from the peak seventh rank.

He was a little slower, so he did not manage to grab it.

“Yaakov, you have one as well?” Winston fixed his gaze on Yaakov. Yaakov’s entire body was covered in blood at the moment, and his aura appeared to be a little weak. He took a step forward and began walking towards Yaakov.

Xavi, Andreus, and members of the other three families stepped forward immediately, locking their gaze on Winston.

“Grand Patriarch.” At this moment, Donovan arrived in a hurry and joined Winston.

Winston looked at the three families working as one. He knew that trying to fight the three families for the cores they had would be extremely difficult.

Now, he had to find others quickly and snatch the cores from them. Otherwise, he would not live much longer.

He was quite old and had given it his all this time. His True Energy had dissipated. After he went back, his organs would deteriorate rapidly. He would die within three years.

Only the core could extend his life.

“Let’s go.”

After careful consideration, Winston did not stay much longer and left quickly with Donovan. Only then did James turn around and look at the members of the other three families.

“Grandfather stole the paintings of the three families. That was his mistake. However, you gained from it as well. If my assumption is correct, the Johnstons, the Lees, and the Sullivans all acquired a core, right?”

“Brat, these are two separate things,” Yaakov stated coldly. “You murdered Theodore, a member of my family, and then you outlawed Hades‘ martial art. It brought great shame and humiliation to the

Johnston family.”

James pointed his longsword forward and said, “Strike, then. Still, I have to remind you that since you’ve acquired the core, you should leave as soon as possible. Are you sure you’ll be able to keep the core if the other elites arrive?”

“I’ll kill you before I leave.”

Yaakov’s face darkened and he acted quickly.

Wielding a longsword, he rushed toward James. He was moving so fast that James could only see an afterimage of him.

‘How quick, as expected of an eighth rank. He moves with such speed even when he’s injured.’

James was shocked, but he swung his blade out swiftly.


The longswords collided. Sparks flew.

An unsettling vibration wave spread through the vicinity as a result of the impact, and James and Yaakov were both pushed back more than ten meters.

“I’ve underestimated you, brat.” Yaakov looked solemn.

The current James was far too strong. He still remembered the first time he saw James at the Cadens‘ residence. Killing James back then would have been as easy as squashing an ant. In just a month, he had grown so powerful.

James had to die. The fact that he was not dead posed a threat to the Johnstons.

James sensed the killing intent from Hades. He unconsciously furrowed his brows. Shortly after, he looked at the members of the other two families and said nonchalantly, “Don’t accuse me of bullying you by taking advantage of your injuries. Fight me all at once.”

As James was saying this, there was a change in the color of his skin. It was turning bronze. In an instant, he became a bronze man.

He held the Blade of Justice with a commanding presence.

After reaching the seventh rank and fully utilizing the Invincible Body Siddhi, James began to feel invincible.

So what if they were at the eighth rank?


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