The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241
“What a wretched technique.”

Yaakov narrowed his eyes disdainfully when he saw that James’ body had turned bronze in color.

He tightened his grip on his longsword, and his body appeared in front of James in a flash.

His movements were as fast as lightning.

James did not even have time to react before he found the sword pressed against his chest.

Fortunately, he had activated the Invincible Body Siddhi, and his defenses had increased significantly. In

Yaakov’s current state, his attack would barely be able to leave a scratch on him.

Although Yaakov’s sword could not penetrate James’ flesh, the force of the attack rebounded back on Yaakov and he felt a strong jolt through his body. His body swayed back and forth from the impact.

The shock shattered the stones on the ground and kicked up large clouds of dust into the air.

“What’s this?” Yaakov exclaimed in shock.

Although he was injured and was no longer in his prime, he was still an eighth-ranked grandmaster.

Meanwhile, James was nothing more than a fledging brat in comparison.

He was in disbelief that his sword could not damage James’ body.

James circulated his True Energy and planted his feet firmly on the ground, resisting Yaakov’s attack. He raised the Blade of Justice and deflected the long sword pressing against his chest.


Yaakov’s sword was immediately snapped in half.He hastily stepped back several meters.

“You’re a seventh-rank grandmaster?!”

Yaakov eyed James incredulously. He could not believe that James was a seventh-rank grandmaster. It was inconceivable for someone less than 30 years old to become a seventh-rank grandmaster.


His expression got darker and darker.

James’ strength was beyond compare, and he would pose a threat to the Johnstons eventually if he did not die here.

Looking at Yaakov, who was covered in injuries, James said nonchalantly, “That’s right. I’ve stepped into the seventh rank.”

“You brat…”

Yaakov grit his teeth, and a powerful aura spread throughout the surrounding space. It formed a strong wind. The force of which was able to sweep away surrounding rocks.

“Yaakov, have you lost your mind?! If you use all your power to kill James, you won’t live for long after this!”

Yaakov could not care less about the warning. There was already a strong enmity between the Johnstons and James.

If he didn’t put an end to James today, he would surely destroy the Johnston family in the future

The energy that emitted from him grew in intensity.

Even the ground itself rumbled from the intense force. Soon, the ground cracked and constantly grew larger.

His energy attracted the attention of many ancient martial artists hidden in the ruins.

“Who’s letting off all this energy? They must have a death wish since they’re recklessly going full boar like this.”

The martial artists in hiding were shocked when they sensed the monstrous energy.

The current eighth-ranked grandmasters that exist in Sol are those who have lived for more than a hundred years. They are still alive because their True Energy protects their body and organs, preventing the natural deterioration of the body’s cells and organs that came with age.

Carelessly expending their energy would pretty much put them on their death bed.

Manu people secretly approached to see which eighth- ranked grandmaster was so desperate to battle with all their strength. Many people began to gather, curious about the eighth-ranked grandmaster who was willing to risk it all in battle.

James was intimidated by the full extent of Yaakov’s power. The pressure itself was enough to push him back.

“So this is the true power of an eighth-ranked grandmaster?”

James eyed Yaakov cautiously and clenched his hands.


Yaakov materialized his True Energy, and a long sword materialized in his hands.

The sword was formed by a concentration of his True Energy.

It radiated with a bright and dazzling glow, giving off a mighty and fearsome appearance.

Yaakov looked imposing as he gripped his long sword.


With a loud cry, he quickly lunged at James. He raised his hand and swung his long sword. It stirred up a strong wind which caused the clouds in the sky to move.

James tightly gripped the Blade of Justice.

In a flash, Yaakov appeared before James and aimed his True Energy Sword at his vitals.

James utilized the Heavenly Breath to its full potential and raised the Blade of Justice to block the attack.


The two swords clashed against each other, and a violent shockwave erupted around the arena.

James’ arms felt numb from the shock and the force of the impact pushed him tens of meters away.

Yaakov’s sword immediately pointed toward him and plunged toward him once more.

His sword’s movements were as fast as lighting. Before James could react, the sword had already found its way into his chest.

The attack from the sword contained devastating strength and penetrated James’ skin.

Despite being a seventh-rank grandmaster, and fully utilizing Invincible Body Siddhi, James still found himself being damaged by the mighty blow. He started to feel the pain that was beginning to spread from the point of his injury.

“What incredible strength.


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