The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242
James was taken aback.

He quickly thrust his sword at Yaakov.

Yaakov withdrew his sword and jumped back as he dodged.

James lowered his head and saw blood flowing out from his chest.

Yaakov’s attack had broken through his defenses and managed to injure him. Fortunately, it was not a fatal blow.

“Is that all there is to an eighth-ranked grandmaster?”

James had come to understand Yaakov’s strength.

“Well, then. Let’s see how you like this!”

James leaped up and his body rose tens of meters in the blink of an eye. The Blade of Justice in his hands began to shine brightly, and Sword Energies began to form.

In an instant, thirteen Sword Energies circled menacingly in the air in front of him.

They floated horizontally in the air and their blades glinted threateningly as if they could easily split Heaven and

Earth asunder.

“T-Thirteen Heavenly Swords?”

Yaakov’s face paled.

The people from Sullivan and Lee families watching from a distance also backed away at the sight of the fabled technique.

“How did this brat master the Cadens’ signature martial art skill, the Thirteen Heavenly Swords, at such a young age?”

“With the Thirteen Heavenly Swords, he’ll be able to overcome what comes his way!”

The martial artists that drew closer to watch were also shocked upon seeing this scene.

While still floating in the air, James tilted the Blade of Justice downward pointing at Yaakov.

The Thirteen Sword Energies quickly rushed toward their target.

Yaakov quickly raised his sword in an attempt to deflect the attack.

Utilizing his astounding swordsmanship, Yaakov blocked all Thirteen Sword Energies.

However, he was not in the clear just yet.


The deflected Sword Energies collided with their surroundings, causing dust and gravel to billow in the sky.

Yaakov quickly leaped into the air and disappeared. James only caught a glimpse of his afterimage.

Suddenly, he felt his heart beat quicker as he felt an imposing force charging at him from behind.

He swung his sword, and a blinding burst of Sword Energy charged forward.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Yaakov deftly slashed the Sword Energy into pieces.

After learning that James had mastered the Thirteen Heavenly Swords, he knew a ranged battle was ineffective and it would quickly exhaust him as it dragged on. He had to engage him in a close-range fight.

As soon as he got close to James, Yaakov thrust forward with his sword.

James quickly defended against the attack.

The two swords scraped against each other, sending sparks flying everywhere. Yaakov’s True Energy Sword shattered, and James was pushed back by the impact of the attack.

Before James could recover from the onslaught, Yaakov charged over and thrust his palm at James’ chest.

The potent force struck James’ chest, spread throughout his body, and agitated his

Blood Energy. Unable to suppress it, he hurled up a mouthful of blood.

James backed away unsteadily.

The veins on his arm bulged painfully, and he found it hard to keep the Blade of Justice steady.

“As expected of an eighth-ranked grandmaster that stands as one of the strongest men in Sol. He’s an experienced veteran that has been through countless battles. Despite being injured, he still poses an immense threat.”

James took a deep breath in an effort to recollect himself.

This was the first time he fought against an eighth-ranked grandmaster. This made him aware of how frightening their strength was if they went all out.

He would not be a match against the severely injured Yaakov if not for the Invincible

Body Siddhi absorbing most of the damage dealt to him.

After retreating a few hundred meters away, James righted himself as he moved into a fighting pose.

While still in the air, he looked at Yaakov whose face was twisted into a fearsome and imposing expression.

James raised the back of his palm to his face and wiped away the blood on his lips. “Mr. Yaakov, you’re already injured and are so elderly. You’re using your full force to kill me, but how much longer can you persist in such a state?”

“Long enough to kill you.”

“Not necessarily.”

James smiled faintly.

Suddenly, he launched himself.

His figure flashed around in the sky and unleashed his Sword Energy.

Many Sword Energies instantaneously materialized one after the other.

The resplendent Sword Energies came at Yaakov in a violent flurry of slashes and thrusts.

James began to counterattack with everything he had. He rapidly summoned Sword Energies and was able to push back against the eighth-ranked Yaakov.

Yaakov wanted to find a chance to counter, but James spared him no quarter.

“D*mn it!” he cursed under his wheezing breath.

He was injured and was not as agile as he could have been. Moreover, he could not exert his fullest strength.

At that moment, he suddenly felt his body burn up with excruciating pain

Yaakov had to end this as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would surely die if the fight dragged on any minute longer.

While he was slightly distracted, he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

The cold blade of a long sword was pressed against his back.


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