The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1244

Chapter 1244
“Grand Patriarch Yaakov!!!”

The Johnstons immediately rushed over to Yaakov’s fallen body.

Yaakov’s chest was bleeding continuously and heaved painfully with each breath.

His blood stained the ground red.

Yaakov’s family members propped him up gently.


Yaakov knew he was dying but chuckled with satisfaction of having gotten rid of a problem for his family before his death.

He laughed and laughed until his very last breath.

Enter title…

“Ahh, Grand Patriarch…”

The Johnstons wept bitterly.

Meanwhile, James also collapsed on the ground and passed out.


At that moment, a figure quickly rushed out from the shadows.

It was Simon who had been secretly watching everything. He quickly held up James’ hand and checked his pulse.

Shortly afterward, Jackson rushed over as well and asked anxiously, “How is he doing, Grandpa?”

Simon said solemnly, “He’s in a terrible state. His meridians are broken, and his internal organs have sustained severe damage.”

He quickly pulled James up and propped him into a lotus position.

Then, he mobilized his True Energy to heal James’ wounds.

Jackson stood guard next to Simon, his eyes swept over the Johnstons, Sullivans, Lees, and their surroundings to prevent any more sneak attacks.

“Let’s go.”

The Sullivans were the first ones to take their leave.

Shortly after, the Lees also left.

The Johnstons also eventually left with Yaakov’s body.

The area soon turned quiet.

Simon poured his energy into James for more than thirty minutes but only managed to stabilize James’ injuries.

“How is he now, Grandpa?” Jackson asked again, brows furrowed anxiously.

Simon’s face had turned pale after expending a significant amount of his True Energy to heal James’ injuries. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead with his sleeves and said weakly, “I’ve stabilized his

condition for the time being, so I’ve prolonged his life for the time being. However, he’s still severely injured, and we must find treatment for him as soon as possible. Otherwise, he’s definitely going to die by the next sunrise.”

“How can we treat him?” Jackson asked anxiously.

Although he had not known James for long, they had gotten along rather well and he also knew the kind of man James was. Thus, he had no wish to see James die either.

“I’m not proficient in medical skills, so I can’t really say. We need to get people from the Cadens or disciples from the Medical Valley to save him. However, saving him might prove difficult for these people as well.”

In the ancient martial world, only the Cadens and Medical Valley were well versed in the medical field.

However, James was in such a critical condition that even the Cadens or Medical Valley would have their work cut out for them trying to save him.

Jackson asked gravely, “How long can he last in his current condition?”

“His condition has been stabilized for the time being.

However, he only has twenty-four hours. He might be able to last for a few more days if we continue to use

True Energy to prolong his life. Without True Energy sustaining him, his condition will deteriorate quickly,” replied Simon.

“Twenty-four hours?”

Jackson rubbed his palms anxiously.

“I’ll go find Bennett and Tobias right away.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Both Bennett and Tobias were nearby, so as long as he could find them, James might stand a fighting chance.

The people of Medical Valley had already followed Delainey to the underground shelter and were probably stuck underground right now. They would have to get military personnel to dig out the underground shelters entrances using heavy machinery, which might take more than 24 hours.

James’ hopes of survival rests on the Cadens right now.

Jackson quickly left and began to search for the Cadens.

They had appeared in Mount Thunder Sect’s headquarters, so he concluded they were still nearby. Even if they had left, they would not have been able to go far. He could still catch up with them if he set out immediately.

As for Simon, he sat in a lotus position on the ground, took out an elixir, and consumed it to replenish his True Energy.

After briefly resting, he looked at James lying on the ground and sighed. “Huff, what a pity. To have reached such refined cultivation at a young age, you could be considered one of the best in throughout all of history.”

Simon felt sorry for James.He felt that James would not survive.

Even if the Cadens showed up now, his chances were extremely slim.


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