The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245
Simon did not contribute much in the previous battle to kill the Spirit Turtle. However, he managed to snatch a core using his overwhelming strength.

Yet, he had exhausted much of his True Energy to heal James and was slightly fatigued after the fact.

Although he consumed an elixir and recovered some of his True Energy, he had expended a significant amount of his True Energy, and it was impossible to return to his peak in such a short period.

He quietly guarded James.

“Tsk, tsk. Simon.”

While Simon sat and waited for Jackson to find the Cadens for help, a menacing laughter came from behind him.

He heard the sound and turned around to have a look.

A group of people approached him from a distance.

There were about twenty people, and the person in the lead was Lucjan.

The people behind were all dressed in black robes and wore black masks.

These people were elites of the Gu Sect and were originally Callan’s subordinates but had already been secretly bribed by Lucjan a long time ago.

Simon narrowed his eyes warily at Lucjan. He had exhausted a lot of his True Energy and had only recovered about ten percent. He had no chance of winning if he fought

Lucjan and all the people from Gu Sect as he was.

Lucjan approached Simon with around 20 of his subordinates in tow.

He looked at James lying on the ground and said in mock regret, “What an amazingly talented individual. I valued you a lot and wanted to achieve great things with you, but you…”

Lucjan shook his head dramatically.He figured out that James had been deceiving him since the supposedly dead Tobias, the Medical Saint, and the others showed up again.

Bryce had also fallen in his hands.

“Since you refuse to work with me, then…”

Lucjan’s eyes shone dangerously. Then, he raised his hand and concentrated a powerful True Energy in his palm. Simon immediately stood in his path and shouted at him,” What’re you doing, Lucjan? Do you know who he is? This is James, and his grandfather is Thomas Caden. The Cadens also have an eighth-ranked grandmaster, Bennett. If you kill him, you’ll earn the wrath of the entire Caden family and bring it upon yourself.”

“Oh, is that so? What am I to do if they don’t forgive me? I’m so scared… Do you really think that’s enough to dissuade me? I’ll take care of Thomas, Tobias, and Bennett one by one.” Lucjan snorted sarcastically.

“Lucjan, I’m warning you not to act rashly. You’re someone who has great ambitions and should know the importance of James to the Cadens. If that isn’t enough to persuade you then think about the Four Great Paintings. Thomas has acquired and unraveled the secrets hidden within them. Not only did it record the secret of the Spirit Turtle, but it also contains the martial art manual left behind by the Prince of Orchid Mountain. If Thomas finds out that you killed James, he’ll definitely destroy the Gu Sect.”

“No one will know I killed James if I kill you too. Countless witnesses saw Yaakov attack James behind his back and deal him serious damage.”

Lucjan was aware of the terrifying strength Thomas possessed.

Thomas was a fearsome opponent. He had weaved a scheme that took decades to execute to attract martial artists from all over the world to kill the Spirit Turtle.

However, he disappeared after the fact, and no one knew what benefits he obtained after killing the Spirit Turtle.

On the other hand, his grandson was equally powerful to have achieved so much at a young age.

This was how dangerous his opponents were. When would he have another chance if he did not strike him down now?

Simon’s lips were drawn into a thin line and his forehead creased gravely.

Powerful opponents from Gu Sect surrounded him from all sides. These people had not participated in the previous battle, and as such were at the peak of their strength. Any one of them would be enough to tire him out, let alone more than 20 of them. Moreover, there was Lucjan, who was an eighth-ranked grandmaster. It would be difficult for him to protect James.

Lucjan’s face darkened, and he roared, “Kill them!”

More than 20 men immediately drew their swords.

Suddenly, Simon’s body flickered as he quickly picked up James and left behind an afterimage. He quickly fled from the area.

He was an eighth-ranked grandmaster, and it would be challenging to catch up to him despite his True Energy being exhausted.

Lucjan shouted angrily, “Catch him! Kill them both!”


The men in black robes quickly chased after Simon.

Lucjan took out the red core from his pocket. It was a core from the Spirit Turtle.


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