The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247
Jackson quickly led Bennett back to the place where James and Yaakov had their battle. However, there was no one to be seen.

Bennett scanned the area as he asked, “Where is he?”

Jackson’s expression turned grim as he said, “What’s going on? They were still here when I left. Our Grand

Patriarch was guarding him right here. Why is there no one here now? Did someone come after I left?”

“Let’s search the area.”

Bennett also guessed that an unexpected situation must have occurred.

After giving the order, he quickly left and searched the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, Thomas led Thea deep inside the Snow Cavern as they tried to find a way out.

The paths underground were nothing short of labyrinthian, extending deeper beneath the surface. It became increasingly colder as they traveled deeper.

Even Thomas felt the chill in the air and used his True Energy to resist the cold.

He turned around and asked, “Are you cold, Thea?”

“Huh? No.”

Thea’s thoughts were interrupted by the sudden question. She recollected herself and asked, “What’s wrong? Is it cold?”

Hearing her reply, Thomas stared at Thea.

Without using his True Energy, he would feel the chill in the tunnels. He was an eighth-rank grandmaster, while Thea was only a third-rank grandmaster.

‘Could it be the Spirit Turtle’s blood?’ Thomas thought to himself.

“l-lt’s nothing.” Thomas did not explain.

He had concluded that Thea could not feel the cold because of the Spirit Turtle Blood in her body.

Thomas turned around and continued walking forward.

Thea followed behind and asked, “Sir Caden, why are there so many passages deep underground? The stone walls around this place are very smooth, so it’s obviously manmade. Who would build these passages underground?”

“I don’t know.”

Thomas walked in front and explained, “According to the information left by the Prince of Orchid Mountain, this place has existed for many years. However, there are very few records about this place. I only know that the Spirit Turtle has lived in this place for thousands of years. The Spirit Turtle hibernated in this place and rarely left before. This place has become a forbidden area . The rumors say no one makes it out from this place alive.”

Thomas was unfamiliar with the place.

“It’s a dead end?” He frowned.

Ahead of them was a stone wall. He walked over and gently tapped on the stone wall.

“It’s hollow.”

He stepped back slightly and instructed, ‘Thea, stand back.”

“Okay.” Thea took a few steps backward.

Thomas raised his hand and thrust his palm to the wall.


The stone wall immediately collapsed into a pile of rubble scattered on the ground.

Thomas walked over the rubble.

As soon as he passed the rubble, he heard the sound of breathing.

“Who is it?”

Suddenly, he found himself faced with the shine of numerous strong flashlights.

These people were the ancient martial artists that took refuge in the underground shelter.

After they entered Mount Thunder Sect’s underground shelter, the exit was soon buried, and they found themselves trapped inside. As such, they were unable to leave for the time being. Suddenly, a wall collapsed, and two figures walked toward them.

Seeing it was Thomas, the ancient martial artists all gasped and inadvertently backed away in fear.


Maxine was also among these people.

She was injured and was sitting on the ground to rest. Seeing Thea approaching them from behind Thomas, her eyes widened in surprised.

Maxine stood up and walked over, asking, “Didn’t you already leave? Why’re you still in Mount Thunder Sect’s territory?”

Thea also looked at everyone around her and asked them quizzically. “Why’re you all here?”

Maxine explained, “We were already leaving, but there were military troops outside Mount Thunder Sect’s territory. They were fully armed soldiers and carried many lethal weapons. All of us from different sects and families would be attacked as soon as we left. We had no choice but to turn around. Moreover, there were also combat aircraft bombarding us, so we had to take refuge underground.”

People from the other sects and families stared at Thomas warily.


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