The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248
Everyone was paranoid that Thomas would suddenly attack them. He was infamous for being a ruthless man.

In order to kill the Spirit Turtle, that calculative man schemed and dragged in all the martial artists of the world into his plan.

Thomas looked at everyone but remained silent. He looked at Thea and said, “You stay with them, Thea. If James is alright, he’ll arrange for you guys to be rescued. I’ll continue searching the area.”

Thomas was determined to find the secret hidden underground.He planned to turn around and search the area again.

“Alright.” Thea nodded.

Thomas said nothing to the other martial artists and walked away coldly.

After he left, the other martial artists finally felt like they could breathe again.

Meanwhile, Simon was still escaping along with James’ unconscious body in his arms.

However, his True Energy had been rapidly depleted as he was constantly using it to escape.

Unable to spend more True Energy, they quickly hid behind a rock. After placing James down, he took out another pill and consumed it to speed up the recovery of his True Energy. Simon understood that he had to get out of Mount Thunder Sect’s territory as soon as possible. Otherwise, neither he nor James would survive if the men from the Gu Sect caught up with them.

Just after a few minutes of hiding, he heard the sound of footsteps closing in on them.

More than 20 people wearing black robes and masks were walking toward them.

They exchanged glances and walked cautiously toward the rock where Simon was hiding.

Simon clenched his fists.

“What should I do?” His thoughts whirled anxiously around in his brain.


While he was racking his brains for a countermeasure, the rock exploded and exposed him and James.

Simon slowly stood up from the ground and looked at the imposing people in front of him. He warned them with a grim expression, “I’m advising you all not to do anything stupid. You should quit obeying Lucjan. If you kill James now, you’ll face the wrath of the Cadens in the future.”

“Go to hell, old man!”

The one in the lead drew his sword first and charged toward Simon.

“You must really want an early death since you want to mess with a Caden family member!”

The loud declaration shook the air.

Right after the words were spoken, a large burst of Sword Energy cleaved through the air.

The person who had brandished his sword at Simon immediately found his arm severed from his body in a clean cut. The sickening, wet thump of his arm hitting the ground echoed in the area.


In shock and confusion, the man took a few steps back while screeching in agony.

A figure swiftly appeared in front of Simon.

It was Bennett who had come to their rescue.

Bennett had scoured the area and quickly located Simon and James. He raised his sword and pointed it horizontally at the enemies. His eyes glinted coldly as he scanned his opponents. “For your brazen insolence, I’ll claim your lives right now.”

“Everyone, fall back!”

These people were well aware of Bennett’s strength and turned tail without a moment’s hesitation. Bennett did not bother chasing after them. He’s already injured from the battles he fought earlier. If he pursued them, he might not necessarily be able to kill all of them.

Bennett turned around, and his eyes passed over Simon, then zoned in on James lying on the ground. He quickly squatted down and checked on James’ injuries. After assessing James’ condition, his face turned black with fury.

He spat lividly, “That wretched old man! How could he be so underhanded as to attack while James’ back was turned to him?”

“I’ll leave James to you. I’ll make my way out first.”

Simon sighed in relief after Bennett arrived.He could not stay any longer and had to leave as soon as possible. He needed to find a place further away to stay out of everyone’s sight and absorb the Spirit Turtle’s Core. Otherwise, he would end up dying.

Bennett expressed his gratitude and bowed deeply. “Thank you. The Cadens owe the Mount Thunder Sect a favor.”

“I extended a helping hand because James is a talented martial artist. It’d be a shame to lose someone like him too soon.” Simon gave him a fleeting smile before quickly leaving the area.

Bennett picked James up and also quickly carried him away. He had to find a safe place where he could heal James’ injuries undisturbed. He shuddered to think of the consequences if the process went horribly wrong.


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