The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249
Bennett left Mount Thunder Sect’s territory carrying James in his arms.

When he reached the road, he got ready to drive to Terentville and find a quiet place in the suburbs where he could heal James’ injuries.

Suddenly, a number of helicopters hovered over him in the sky.

In just a few moments, more helicopters joined them until there were hundreds of them surrounding Bennet.

It turned out to be Henry who rushed over with support from the Capital.

After receiving James’ order, he quickly made arrangements and rushed to James’ location as promptly as he could.

“Why is there an army?”

Enter title…

Bennett looked at the sky with wary eyes.

He did not know if these were troops sent by the king to eliminate the remaining ancient martial artists on the mountain.

The helicopters slowly descended.

Henry, wearing a military uniform, was the first to alight off one of the helicopters.

When he got off, he immediately spotted Bennett carrying another man.

He approached Bennett and asked, “Who might you be?”

While inquiring, he specifically took a look at the person Bennet was carrying. After recognizing the unconscious man’s appearance, his expression immediately changed into an urgent one, and he shouted, “James!”

He rushed over and asked anxiously, “What happened to him?”

“Who are you?” demanded Bennett as he stepped back defensively.

Henry promptly answered, “I’m a one-star general from the Black Dragon Army, Black

Shadow. I’ve been recently transferred to the Capital to serve as the commander-in chief of the Red Flame Army.”

Hearing that it was James’ subordinate, Bennett heaved a sigh of relief and said, “He’s gravely injured. Help me keep a tight guard around my surroundings while I heal James.”

Henry nodded firmly. “Alright.

“Everyone, listen up! Don’t allow anyone to approach. Some of you are to split into patrol groups and search the surrounding area for suspicious people or potential threats,” he ordered the soldiers.


The Red Flame Army soldiers quickly stood guard around Bennett while others searched the surroundings.

Bennett set James down and propped him up in a lotus position. He used his True Energy to stimulate James’ body’s own healing response. Henry stood aside and watched as his commander looked to be on the verge of death. Seeing James’ pale face, his heart sank.

“Sir, we’ve found an old man.”

At that moment, a soldier came running back looking like he had a pressing matter to report.

“Bring him over.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Soon, an old man was brought over to him.It was Callan.

Initially, he looked about 40 years old, but now, he seemed to have aged a lot after suffering severe injuries and losing his True Energy. If James had not used the

Crucifierto prolong his life, he likely would have died.

Callan was resting inside a vehicle when the Red Flame Army troops discovered him.He walked over slowly as many guns were trained on him, ready to shoot at the slightest indication of a threat.

Compared to before, he no longer possessed the vigor of an elite and seasoned martial artist. Instead, he looked withered. His face was deeply wrinkled and he was unable to walk steadily.

When he got closer and saw Bennett healing James, he could not help but ask about him, “What happened to James?”

Henry ignored his question and replied with one of his own,” Who are you?

Bennett looked at Callan but could not immediately recognize him. He frowned and questioned once again,” Who are you? State your name and purpose right now.”

Callan attempted to approach the two. “Let me check on his condition.”

“Not another step further.”

The Red Flame Army soldiers behind him all held their guns at his head.

Bennett withdrew his True Energy and laid James flat on the ground. He stood up and looked at Callan. “You can take a look,” he said.

He had already stabilized James’ injuries with his True Energy. It was all he could do for now. Anything else would have to be done over a prolonged period of time.

They were not in the most ideal place to treat him.

James had to be sent back to the Capital as soon as possible.


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