The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251
After weighing the risks, Bennett nodded.He had seen Callan’s previous appearance before.His current appearance must have been due to the fact that his True Energy had dissipated, and he ha not much longer for this world. His life span was simply forcibly extended.

The current Callan did not pose any threat to him.

After Henry sorted out the logistics, Bennett, Callan, and the unconscious James boarded the helicopter and left for the Capital.

As for Henry, he waited patiently in place as he had been ordered to.

Jackson eventually returned and saw the military troops stationed around the area. He knew James likely requested the services of these people, so he approached them.

However, countless guns were immediately pointed at him the moment he walked closer to the troops. He stated his purpose, “I’m looking for your commander-in-chief.”

The soldiers of the Red Flame Army were not going to let their guard down so readily.

They kept their guns aimed at Jackson while the message was relayed to Henry.

After Henry received the news, he quickly rushed over. He looked at Jackson and asked,

“Who are you?”

Jackson replied, “Mount Thunder Sect’s leader, Jackson.”

Henry was clueless about what kind of title Mount Thunder Sect’s leader was, but he recognized the name, Jackson.

He quickly ordered the soldiers, “Stand down, men.”

“Yes, sir.”

The Red Flame Army soldiers pointed their guns away and stepped back. Henry said, “The Grand Patriarch of the Cadens has told me that you’re familiar with what happened here and instructed me to listen to your orders.”

Jackson pointed to the collapsed mountain range ahead of them and said, “There are countless people buried under those mountains. You’ll have to dig down past the rubble and rescue them.”

Henry nodded. “Alright. The rescue equipment are already on the way as we speak and are expected to arrive shortly. Let’s assess the situation for the time being.”

“Yes, please follow me,” said Jackson as he swiftly turned and started walking away. He led Henry and several of the Red Flame Army soldiers forward.

“What happened here?” Henry inquired on the way to the collapsed Mt. Thunder mountain range.

Jackson was mostly forthcoming about the events that had taken place here and explained it in detail.

Henry finally learned about the history and complexities behind ancient martial artists. He took a deep breath as he tried to process all of this and said, “I never imagined James to go through so much in such a short period of time.”

The group eventually arrived at the ruins of Mt. Thunder.

Although the place was destroyed, Jackson was still able to approximate the entrance of the underground shelter. He pointed to a spot in the rubble and said, “The entrance should be around here. It shouldn’t take much time if we start digging from this area.”


Henry nodded and said, “When the Black Dragon Army and Blithe Army arrive, we’ll commence the rescue operation immediately.”

Henry stayed and worked together with Jackson to rescue the people underground.

All the martial artists that had managed to obtain a core absconded as quickly and as far as they could.

Meanwhile, those who did not get one chased after those that did as they attempted to snatch it from them.

James had safely arrived at the Cadens’ mansion in the Capital during this period.

In the Cadens’ mansion backyard, Bennet placed the unconscious James in a bed and quickly wrote down a prescription. He instructed family members to quickly purchase the ingredients and decoct it accordingly.

Callan sat by the bed and constantly kept tabs on James’ injuries and condition.

After Bennett had sorted out all he needed to do, he walked over and asked, “What do you think of James’ injury?”

Callan shook his head in disappointment and said, “If I were in my prime, I could use my powerful True Energy to prolong his life forcefully. As long as I can get him to regain consciousness, I’m sure he’s capable of saving himself using his own medical skills.”

Callan had witnessed James’ medical skills first hand.

The roles were reversed back then with Callan being seriously injured and on the brink of death.

However, James pulled him out of death’s jaws with some mere silver needles.


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