The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252
Callan had never seen or heard of such miraculous medical skills before.

‘That’s a given fact.”

Bennett replied sarcastically, “If I was in my prime, I could also wake him up easily.”

He was also an eighth-ranked grandmaster and could use his True Energy to forcefully prolong James’ life had he not not participated in the previous battles. This was the reason why he was so sure that James would pull through. He knew if James regained consciousness, he would gradually recover back to full health after recuperating for some time.

Suddenly, blood gushed from James’ lips again. When he saw this, Bennett’s expression became desperate.

He urgently ran toward the medicine cabinet, dug out some small bottles, and poured out countless elixirs. He forcefully stuffed these pills into James’ mouth and mobilized his True Energy in an effort to stabilize the injuries.

Ten minutes later…

Bennett slumped weakly on the chair and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Callan wore a solemn expression as he said, “It’s going to be a problem if this happens again. He’s severely injured to the point where regular healing elixirs won’t work on him. He needs a constant source of True Energy to maintain his life force. My True Energy has already been dispersed, and you’re unable to mobilize any more of yours. Moreover, your True Energy isn’t even a fraction of what it was in your heyday.”

“I’m aware, but what else can be done for now?” Bennett wheezed weakly. He took out an elixir and consumed it, proceeding to refine the elixir’s energy to restore his True Energy.

Callan said, “If you’re unwilling to use Gu, you must then find some people with strong True Energy. They’ll have to take turns utilizing their True Energy to heal and maintain his condition. Meanwhile, you’ll also need to recover your True Energy to stabilize his injuries completely.”

Bennett understood the things being said to him.

Unfortunately for them all the strong martial artists went to Mount Thunder Sect to participate in Mount Thunder Conference.

Unfortunately, many have died, and countless more were injured during the Mount Thunder Conference.

Even if any strong martial artists survived the fight, they would surely hide and not readily expose themselves again.

Where was he going to find strong martial artists with the strong reservoirs of True Energy needed to sustain James?

‘You watch after him. I’ll go bring some of my family’s younger members here.”

Bennett stood up and hurriedly left the two.

There were still some martial artists that were available. Most of them were fourth and fifth-ranked grandmasters. Although they did not have powerful True Energy as the ones in the higher ranks, it should be enough to prolong James’ life if they took turns.

As long as he had enough time to recover his True Energy, then James’ condition could be completely stabilised after that.

Soon, seven to eight Caden family members showed up.

Bennett ordered, “From now onward, you guys shall take turns utilizing your True Energy to maintain the vitality in James’ body. After exhausting half of your True Energy, you’ll swap out and rest to restore your True Energy. This process must be continued in order to keep James alive.”

“Understood.” The family members nodded slightly reluctantly.

Although they all personally disliked James, they did not dare to disobey their Grand Patriarch’s orders.

Callan eyed the youngsters worriedly.

However, since things had already come to this point, he had no choice but to leave James’ life in the hands of these youngsters.

As soon as he gave his orders, Bennett also turned around and left quickly.

He also sustained injuries during the scuffles and needed to treat them as soon as possible. Besides that, he also had to recover his True Energy fast.

Soon, night fell upon the sky and the lights in the city dimmed.

Meanwhile, a few women were gathered in Cynthia’s villa.

“It’ll be the New Year in two more days. Hopefully, James will be back to celebrate the New Year.” Quincy’s face was full of worry.

James was forced to take the lives of countless people in order to save them. She was worried and concerned about how James was doing.

On top of that, she could not get in touch with Thea and had no clue about what was happening in Mount Thunder Sect.

“Everything will be fine. Didn’t Thea and Maxine rush to help him? Maxine’s extremely sharp. I’m sure she’ll surely figure something out,” Cynthia attempted to play off her concerns as she waved around the french fries in her fingers.

Tiara was also fretting. “There seems to be a lot of commotion in Terentville now. Even the army was dispatched, and combat aircraft mercilessly carpet bombed the mountain. If the higher-ups question it, they’ll just play it off as a military exercise. However, this is definitely not a drill. Are you sure nothing will happen?”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. James is the Dragon King, commander of both the Black Dragon Army and the Red Flame Army. The military dispatched there is surely one of his men, right? I’m sure the huge commotion is because he’s kicking *ss and taking names.”


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