The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254
The Malevolent Sword buried deep underground in the Snow Cavern shot out like a comet and stopped neatly in Thea’s hand. Thea held onto the sword, leaped into the air, and disappeared in a flash as countless martial artists looked on.

Following her departure, the area became calm again.

The martial artists that fell to the ground got back to their feet one after another.

Henry was also helped back up.

However, he sustained severe injuries.

The people from Medical Valley quickly provided him with treatment.

Meanwhile, the others were dumbfounded and exchanged confused glances with each other.

Maxine had a serious expression as she looked in the direction Thea had left. She murmured, “What exactly happened? Why is Thea’s energy so strong?”

She looked at Jackson and asked, “Mr. Cabral, what’s going on? What did you tell her?”

Jackson was equally puzzled when he replied, “I didn’t say much. She asked me about James’ whereabouts, so I told her that Yaakov had attacked James while he was turned away and severely injured him. Then, all of a sudden, she seemed to have become a different person.”

Maxine’s frown only deepened “James was injured? What happened?”

Jackson told Maxine about James and Yaakov’s duel.

Hearing the series of events, Maxine was left startled.

“James fought and defeated Yaakov?”

She was in disbelief.

The Grand Patriarch of the Johnstons, Yaakov, was an eighth -ranked grandmaster.

How insanely strong was James to have defeated Yaakov?

After taking a deep breath, she asked again, “Is James okay?”

Jackson’s eyes were turned to the ground and his hands were clenched as he answered, “His prognosis is quite grim. However, Bennett, the Grand Patriarch of the Cadens, has taken matters into his own hands, so he should be fine.”

“Alright, that’s good to hear. I hope he’s able to recover from this.” Maxine patted her chest in relief.

“Dad.” Delainey approached and stood in front of Jackson.

Her eyes were turned toward the ruins of Mount Thunder Sect. “Dad, what should we do now that Mount Thunder Sect has been destroyed?

Jackson shrugged in resignation. He never expected so many things to happen during the Mount Thunder Conference.

“Mount Thunder Sect has been rooted here for thousands of years. Count our faction’s casualties. Then, we’ll start seeing how we can go about rebuilding the sect.”

Delainey replied immediately, “Alright.”


A figure suddenly flew out from the underground passage.

Before everyone could react, an old man appeared before them.

“What’s going on? Why did the Malevolent Sword fly out by itself?”

The person that showed up was Thomas. He had been in the snow cavern trying to unravel the secrets hidden within its walls, but he suddenly sensed the aura of the Malevolent Sword. However, when he rushed over, the sword was already gone.

Everyone retreated and looked at Thomas with apprehension.

Maxine frowned slightly and walked over to him. She forced a smile as she asked, “Granduncle, what’s the Malevolent Sword?”

Thomas glanced at Maxine and replied brusquely, “It’s just a sword. Did a sword shoot out from somewhere just now?” Maxine answered immediately, “Ah, yeah. I’m not sure what happened, but Thea’s personality suddenly changed, and a sword shot out with a flash of light from the underground passage. Thea took the sword and dashed off. I don’t know what triggered it, but Thea had a powerful energy and hurt many people just now.”

‘This is bad.” Thomas’ expression changed. He now looked panicked .He quickly inquired, “Which direction did she leave in?”

Maxine pointed in the opposite direction from where Thea left and said, ‘That way.”

‘That’s not…” Jackson quickly interjected.

However, before he could finish speaking, Thomas’ body flickered and disappeared from his sight.

Jackson criticized, “What’re you doing, Maxine? Why did you lie to Thomas?”

Maxine frowned and said doubtfully, “Who knows what Thea and Thomas are up to? They must be up to something shady. Letting them meet sounds like a recipe for disaster.”

Jackson thought about it carefully and nodded in agreement. ‘True, you have a valid point.”

“I’ll head back for now.”

After Maxine learned that James had been brought back to the Cadens’ mansion in the Capital for treatment, she had no reason to stay any longer and hastily made her move. She could not wait to return to the Capital to see James again.

While Thea was not around, she wanted to see if she had a chance with him.


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