The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256
He would have fallen to the floor if not for the seatbelt.

His heart was racing and it took him a few seconds to regain his composure. When he looked at her again, all he saw was a beautiful woman looking at him puzzledly.

Her eyes were no different from an ordinary person’s and in fact, was even more beautiful.

Thea looked at Francisco, turned away, and looked out the window without saying a word.

The scenery outside the window was a wide blue sky with white clouds drifting serenely through it.

“Was I seeing things?” Francisco mumbled to himself in confusion.

He eventually concluded that he must have imagined it.

After taking a deep breath to ready himself once more, he smiled brightly and said, “Hello, my name is

Francisco. I’m from Terentville. I own a barbecue restaurant franchise and I’ve opened more than 30 chain restaurants already. I’m planning to expand my business to the Capital and am heading there to survey the market.”

Thea ignored him.

Her indifference baffled him further.

Why was his charm not working on her?

The women he met in the past would immediately show their interest and actively engage with him after he mentioned having a successful franchise.

Francisco stared at Thea and gazed at her side profile.

He found even her side profile to be exquisite and was captivated by her beauty.

In his heart, he promised himself that he’d win over the beautiful lady beside him.

During the flight, he constantly attempted to engage her in conversation.

However, Thea simply continued giving him the cold shoulder.

Soon, they arrived in the Capital.

Thea left the plane with the Malevolent Sword in hand and walked out of the airport.


Francisco chased after her.

Outside the airport, Thea held the blade of her sword at Francisco’s neck, and she growled menacingly. “Get lost.”

This unexpected action startled Francisco.

After a few seconds, he put on another charming smile. ” Miss, I see that you’re a woman with a bold personality. Is this a prop? Are you an actress by any chance? I know several great directors. How about I help set you up…”

Suddenly, Thea winced in pain, and veins bulged out on her face.

“Get lost!!!” she roared at the persistent man.

She saw red and was just about ready to separate this man’s head from his body.

However, she forcibly stifled the murderous desire in her heart.

Francisco was left speechless by her sudden outburst and froze for a few seconds.

By the time he had processed what had happened, Thea was already walking away from him.

He found that he had been sweating bullets and that his forehead was slick with sweat.

He straightened himself and muttered scornfully, “What the hell was that? How could a bombshell like her act like a complete brute? That one roar made me feel like I was dragged into an abyss.”

It took all Thea had to restrain herself from going on a rampage.

She had come to her senses. However, the desire to kill in her heart only grew stronger with every second that passed.

“Death is the only response for anyone that dares to hurt James!”

Her expression turned dreadfully scary, and her eyes became blood red once more.

She clenched the Malevolent Sword and rushed toward the suburb where the Johnstons’ compound was located.

Some time ago, she pretended to be Maxine and went there in order to rescue James. As such, she still remembered how to get there.

It did not take long before she arrived in the Johnstons’ courtyard.

It was an independent courtyard house. At the gate, white flowers were wreathed around a black-and- white photograph with a number of gathered around it somberly.

“Who’s there?”

The Johnstons immediately noticed when Thea drew closer to their house.

They were all dressed in black clothes, mourning the death of their Grand Patriarch.


They were taken by surprise when they recognized Thea.

Immediately, many of them drew their swords and pointed them at her menacingly.

“Thea, your husband killed our Grand Patriarch. Today, we’ll have your blood to make up for his death!” one of them roared.


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