The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257
The Johnstons‘ animosity for James was way past the stage of simple hatred. They absolutely despised his very existence.

He abolished their family head’s cultivation base, leaving him on the brink of death and bedridden.

It was also he who brought the strongest member of the family low and the reason that they were now without their Grand Patriarch.

They all knew that James had been severely injured.

Even if he did not die, he would at the very least be crippled for life.

Despite his current condition, the Johnstons were not willing to bury the grudge they had against him.

The moment they saw Thea, they felt the flames of resentment towards James were rekindled once more.

Seven to eight family members drew their swords in a flash and surrounded Thea.

“Thea, not even divine intervention can save you from your fate today! Mark my words!” One of the younger Johnstons said with his teeth bared at her.

Thea looked at the Johnstons, and the scene of James taking Yaakov’s decisive blow flashed through her mind once more. Immediately, intense anger writhed and thrashed in her heart. Her blood churned vigorously as her rage grew, intensifying her desire to kill.

Her was twisted into a malevolent expression and her bloodshot eyes stared down every member of the Johnston family.

Despite her best efforts, she could not hold back her lust for blood.

Thea growled and her body let off an extreme burst of energy, causing the Johnstons to stumble to the ground. Some of them were bowled over with painful expressions.

The commotion outside attracted the attention of the other Johnston family members.

Soon, many more of them rushed outside to see what was happening.

The person standing in the lead was an elder of the family, Kennedy Johnston.

Kennedy rushed out with many other family members in tow. Seeing Thea, his eyes narrowed into vicious slits as he blurted out, “Why is Thea’s energy so strong?”


Thea’s face darkened, and she raised the Malevolent Sword against the Johnstons that were poised to attack her.

Out of nowhere, she regained her senses and the redness in her eyes dissipated. She shouted in desperation, “Move! Hurry and get away from me!”

Thea looked delirious, and her words did not match her murderous intent from earlier.

The Johnstons were baffled by this and could not understand what was happening.

Those knocked to the ground quickly got up and retreated behind Kennedy.

They all eyed Thea suspiciously.

“Elder Kennedy, Thea is James‘ wife. We’re begging you to kill her to avenge our family head and Grand Patriarch!” a disciple of the Johnstons shouted.

After the Grand Patriarch died and Hades‘ cultivation base was destroyed, Kennedy understood the Johnstons were basically behaving like headless chickens at the moment.

Among his generation in the family, his prestige was the highest.

Now was an excellent opportunity for him to perform an esteemed service for his family.

After killing Thea, he could claim the position as the Johnstons‘ family head. Then, he would be able to peruse the top–tier martial art manuals recorded in the family’s secret library. He dreamed of being able to do great things before his death.

His eyes glittered with ambition as these thoughts and more rushed through his ming.

He raised his cane and pointed at her. His voice was icy. “Thea, the Johnstons have done nothing to you, yet you’ve barged in here rudely and brought the fight to us. Today, I’ll kill you to avenge our family head and Grand Patriarch.”

Kennedy waved the cane in his hand, and powerful energy rushed toward Thea.

She raised the Malevolent Sword to block the attack.

Kennedy’s cane was instantly cut in half.

He felt an intense opposing force coming from the cane’s other half that remained in his hand, shocking him back to the doorsteps. He failed to suppress the rioting Blood Energy in his body, which surged up his throat and spilled out his mouth.

Thea appeared in front of Kennedy in a flash.

The Malevolent Sword in her hand pierced through Kennedy’s body.


Kennedy’s pupils widened, and his wrinkled face was taut with astonishment.

He looked down at the sword that was firmly embedded in his body.

The sword was curved and had a tip that was slightly bent, making it resemble a fishhook.

Thea withdrew the sword.


A stream of blood gushed out of the gaping wound it had left behind.

Kennedy reached out his hand to staunch the bleeding, but it was futile. Blood poured out like a river and stained his hands red.

His body slowly slumped to the ground.



Panic filled the Johnstons‘ faces, and they quickly retreated as if they had seen a demon.

“Move, leave! Why aren’t you guys getting away? Why aren’t you guys leaving yet?!”

After Thea sheathed her sword, she finally processed what she had just done. Seeing what happened, her emotions swirled tumultuously and it brought her to the verge of tears.

“Hurry and go…”

She waved the Malevolent Sword at them as she attempted to chase them away.

Simultaneously, invisible Sword Energy began to form in the air around her.



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