The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259
Despite looking like a corpse, James was still breathing.

However, he would die as soon as he stopped.

Sorrow welled up in Maxine’s heart when she saw James in such a state.

On the floor beside him, an old man was sitting in a lotus position.

It was an old man with long white hair that had a few black strands scattered around it.

He had a wrinkled face and seemed incredibly frail.

Maxine took her eyes away from James and looked at the old man. Immediately, she frowned as she had never seen such a person in the Caden family before. Who was this old man?


At that moment, the person pouring his True Energy into James stopped.

He took out an elixir, consumed it, and began to regenerate his True Energy.


The wooden door was pushed open.

Walking into the room was Tobias, who had rushed back to the Capital. He glanced into the room and motioned to Maxine.

Maxine immediately understood and walked outside to meet him.

Outside the room, Tobias asked, “How’s James doing?”

Maxine replied, “I only returned quite recently so I’m also not certain. I only know Yaakov attacked him. Yaakov’s an eighth–ranked grandmaster which means the injuries he sustained must be quite severe.”


Tobias quickly covered his mouth and coughed up a lot of blood.

“Are you okay, Grandpa?” Maxine asked worriedly.

Tobias waved his hand and said, “I’m just slightly wounded. I’ll head to the underground basement to treat myself.”

After speaking, he headed to the underground basement.

Contrary to his words, he was actually severely injured and needed to treat his wounds as soon as possible. If he delayed any longer, his condition would deteriorate quickly.

Tobias rushed to the underground basement.

When he arrived, he saw Bennett, who was also trying his best to regenerate his True Energy.

Tobias walked over and greeted him respectfully, “Grandpa.”

Bennett was sitting in a lotus position on the floor when Tobias came up to him. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at Tobias standing before him. He nodded in acknowledgment and said, “You’re back. How’re your injuries?”

With a pale face, Tobias replied weakly, “It doesn’t look very optimistic. I need to focus on recuperating. I might not be able to completely heal from this.”

Bennett replied, “Stabilize your injuries first. Wait until I recover my True Energy and heal James. Then, I’ll figure out a way to heal your injuries too. By the way, where’s the core? Give it to me.”

Bennett stretched out his palm.

Tobias hesitated slightly.

Seeing that Tobias did not hand it over after some time, Bennett frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Back then, Bennett had to rush back to rescue James and was worried about bumping into other powerful martial artists when he had the core on him. So he passed it to Tobias to bring it back to the Capital to try and avoid it from getting snatched away. However, he did not expect to reach the Capital faster than


“Grandpa, here you go.”

Tobias reached into his pocket, took out the Spirit Turtle’s core, and held it toward Bennett.

Bennett stood up and reached out to take it.

Suddenly, Tobias‘ expression clouded over. He mobilized his True Energy and thrust his palm into

Bennett’s chest.

Bennett’s body was sent flying and slammed hard into the wall. Then, he fell to the ground and spat a mouthful of blood. Shortly after, his head slumped onto the floor as he lost consciousness.

Tobias looked at Bennett lying on the floor as blood dripped from the corner of his lips. He murmured remorsefully, “I’m sorry, Grandpa. The Spirit Turtle’s core is too valuable to just hand over like that. I

didn’t want it to come to this, but you’re already so old. It’s not even guaranteed that the core would help you. ascend to the ninth rank. It would be a waste for you to have it.”


Tobias coughed up blood again.

He was already injured, but he utilized his True Energy to push Bennett away causing his injuries to open up again. His face became increasingly pale.

Tobias looked at the core in his hand with a smile on his face and his eye glittered greedily.

He calmly walked out of the underground basement and went to look for Maxine.

Maxine was watching over James the entire time.

Seeing Tobias return, she raised her eyebrow. “Grandpa, didn’t you go into closed meditation to recuperate? Why’re you back so soon?”

Tobias beckoned her quietly. “Come with me, Maxine.”


Maxine nodded and followed Tobias into the wooden house.

Following Tobias‘ lead, she entered the underground basement.

She walked into the basement only to see a pool of blood on the floor.


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