The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260
“Where did he go?”

Bennett was still on the floor when he left the basement.

He did not hold back in his attack and hit Bennett’s chest at full force. Bennett was unprepared for the sudden attack and should not have survived the blow.

Yet, he seems to have disappeared into thin air.

Maxine asked puzzledly, “Grandpa, what’s wrong? What are you looking for?”

She noticed the blood on the floor but was unsure what had happened for it to be there.

Tobias wore a solemn expression. He was severely injured and did not have enough energy to clean up the mess, so he intended to bring Maxine to dispose of Bennett’s body quietly.

There were going to be severe consequences if Bennett escaped and survived.

Tobias knew his death was all but certain if Bennett recovered and regained his strength.

He had to leave and make his escape as soon as he could.

Instead of replying to Maxine, he turned around and hastily left the basement.

Tobias frantically walked away and in his rush, reopened more wounds on his body. He stumbled to the floor and spat out a mouthful of blood.


Maxine walked over, quickly helped him up from the ground, and asked concernedly, “Grandpa, are you alright? What happened?”

“Let go of me.”

Tobias shook Maxine’s hands and turned around to leave.

Maxine stood in place perplexedly.

Instead of chasing after him, she turned around and decided to further investigate the underground


She immediately noticed the blood on the floor.

Maxine walked over, squatted down, and stared at the blood. She dipped two of her fingers in the pool of blood and rubbed them together.

“It’s still warm. The owner of this blood was here about five minutes ago. Whose blood is this?” Maxine murmured in deep thought.

This basement was a forbidden area of the Cadens and was the meditation sanctuary of previous family


“Is this Grandpa’s blood?” Maxine frowned.

She came to the place where Bennett had collided with the wall.

There was also some blood in the area.

She carefully analyzed it and noticed it was much brighter and unlike the previous bloodstains.

With this, she deduced the two bloodstains were from different people.

“The only person allowed to enter this place apart from the family head is the Grand Patriarch,” mumbled Maxine as she rubbed her chin.

Immediately, a thought crossed her mind, and her expression turned serious.

Maxine rushed outside but could no longer see Tobias‘ figure.

She ran to the front yard but only found Bobby. She walked over and asked, “Bobby, did you see Grandpa?”

“Ah, he left in a hurry and didn’t even reply to my greeting just now,” said Bobby.

Maxine ran outside, but Tobias was nowhere to be seen.

“Could it be that Grandpa really attacked the Grand Patriarch? The Grand Patriarch must have somehow survived and is hiding right now. Is he worried the Grand Patriarch would find him and return the favor in the future? Is that why he ran away?”

Maxine stood at the gate of the Cadens‘ mansion, looking into the distance with a solemn expression.

“Why would Grandpa try to kill the Grand Patriarch? Could they have had a disagreement over the Spirit Turtle’s core?”

This was highly likely according to Maxine’s calculations.

Anything to do with longevity and breaking into the ninth rank was a tempting prospect to most martial artists. It was possible that Tobias attacked Bennett for the core.

Trying to process this, Maxine took a deep breath.

This was just the beginning of the hell that was to come. The descent of chaos was imminent.

The Spirit Turtle had set off deep ripples in the ancient martial arts world and now was causing internal turmoil within the Caden family.

Just as Maxine was deep in thought, two people approached from a distance.

It was an old man and a young woman–Thomas and Thea.

Seeing the two walking toward her, Maxine’s eyes widened in surprise.


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