The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261
Thomas arrived at the Cadens‘ mansion with Thea.

When Maxine saw them, her face went as white as a sheet.

The two of them approached the mansion at a steady pace.

Soon, they appeared at the mansion’s gates.

Maxine was slightly nervous but still walked forward and greeted them with a forced smile, “Granduncle. Thea. What brings you here?”

Thomas glanced at Maxine.

Maxine’s heartbeat hastened as soon as she met his eyes.

She pretended to be ignorant and asked with a smile, “Granduncle, Thea, why are you two back in the Capital as well? Also, what happened at Mount Thunder Sect, Thea? Why were you emitting such awful energy?”

Thea lowered her head and parted her lips to speak but could not bring herself to say anything.

Thomas did not question Maxine about how she led him astray and asked bluntly, “Is James in the Cadens‘ mansion right now?”

Maxine nodded and replied, “Ah, yeah. James undergoing treatment in the backyard.”

Thomas raised his head and looked at the plaque hung on the gate.

Two words were engraved on the plaque–Cadens‘ mansion.

He had not stepped foot into this place for a long time.

Thomas took a big step inside, and Thea followed after him.

Maxine glanced at Thea suspiciously. She could tell that something was wrong from the way Thea was actingand that something must have happened to her.

She quickly pulled Thea aside and whispered, “What’s wrong, Thea?”


Thea did not say much and quickly returned to Thomas‘ side.

Thomas grew up in the Cadens‘ mansion and was quite familiar with the place, so he managed to find his way to the backyard with ease.

Thomas found the wooden house in the backyard and pushed open the door.

He walked in and saw several Caden family members healing James‘ wounds. Beside him was a wrinkled old man with white hair.


When they saw Thomas walking inside, the Cadens healing James all bore terrified expressions.

“Get out.” Thomas looked at the people in the room and ordered coldly.

The several family members inside the room scrambled up in fright and quickly left.

Meanwhile, James remained to lie on the bed.

Callan looked at Thomas but ignored him and continued to sit in a lotus position on the floor.

Thomas also noticed Callan and frowned, saying, “Didn’t you hear me? I told you to get out.”

“You sure are arrogant, Thomas.” Callan finally spoke.


Thomas‘ brows furrowed.

The voice sounded familiar to him.

He carefully scanned Callan’s appearance but never recalled seeing this person before.

“Who are you?”

Thomas was puzzled by the old man.

Callan stood up, looked at the almost lifeless James in bed, and pointed at him. “Since you’re back, you

should take a look at him.”

Thomas did not ask any more questions and quickly walked toward James.

He picked up James‘ hand to assess him closely.

Immediately, his frown grew deeper.

Inside the room, Thea and Maxine looked at Thomas expectantly.

Thea stood by the bed and looked at James‘ pallid face. His lips were chapped, and his breathing was weak.

Her heart sank when she saw his condition. Thomas did not speak for a long time, and she eventually broke the silence to ask, “Sir Caden, how is James?”

Thomas put James‘ hand down and said grimly, “His injuries are quite serious. All his internal organs are damaged, and his meridians are broken. It’s a miracle that he’s still alive.”

“Oh my god…”

Thea’s expression became distressed after hearing this.

The blood in her body began to bubble and roil once more as she experienced the intense emotion. A powerful energy burst out from her like before and it immediately shattered the wooden house.

Maxine was blown away by the sudden shock wave and was tossed to the ground like a rag doll.


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