The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264
Thomas was an eighth–ranked grandmaster. Naturally, his True Energy was still potent even after he had infused a lot of it into the Crucifer’s needles. In no time, he completed the treatment with Crucifier for James.

Soon, James‘ entire body was filled with silver needles.

These silver needles continuously transferred powerful energy into James, quickly repairing his cells and stabilizing his injuries.

A few minutes passed…

James said, “That’s enough.”

Thomas began to remove the silver needles from James‘ acupoints.

James put away Crucifier and got out of bed.

He stretched his body and said, “I feel much better now.”

Thomas and Callan were both shocked by Crucifier’s almost miraculous effect on James.

They were both fully aware of the extent of James‘ injuries. They were severe enough to cast doubt on the fact that James would be able to pull through this time.

A couple of silver needles were all it took to heal him to this point.

Thomas looked at James, who was stretching his limbs, and asked, “How do you feel?”

James smiled and said, “I still feel slightly weak, but I’m out of the woods for the time being. I’ll have to recuperate for a while.”

“Good.” Thomas sighed in relief.

Now that James‘ injuries were healed, the other problem left to solve was Thea’s.

He looked at Thea with serious eyes and then turned to James. “James, I must tell you about Thea’s situation.”

“Huh?” James was shocked and turned to Thea.

Thea lowered her gaze despondently.

James asked in bewilderment, “What’s wrong with Thea?”

“Her body has absorbed the Spirit Turtle’s blood. That is Beast Blood and can affect one’s reason. It’ll also cause those it affects to undergo Energy Deviation,” replied Thomas.

He explained the events to James–starting from the Malevolent Sword to Thea barging into the Johnstons‘ courtyard house to kill Kennedy to avenge James.

James had a serious look when he heard the whole story.

“Honey, I…I was worried about you, so I secretly went back to Mt. Thunder Sect.” Thea was afraid that James would blame her.

James asked, “Is there a way we can deal with this, Grandpa?”

Thomas shook his head and said, “There’s nothing I can do for now. We can only rely on modern technology to see if there’s a way to extract the Beast Blood from her body and purify her blood. I’ll have to take blood samples from her to the hospital for testing first.”

“I see.” James nodded.

That would be the only thing they could do for now.

“James…C–Can you use your silver needles to restore my strength?” Callan parted his lips and asked sheepishly.

James looked at Callan and replied, “It shouldn’t be difficult, but I’m unable to use my True Energy right now, and you’ll have to wait until I recover my strength before I can attempt to help.”

“By the way, who is he?” asked Thomas as he raised an eyebrow.

He had been curious about Callan’s identity, but the latter refused to introduce himself.

James replied casually, “He’s Callan.”

Thomas, Thea, and Maxine were startled by his reply and backed away slightly. Their eyes all stared at Callan warily.

Hiding his hands behind his back Thomas concentrated his True Energy into his fists and planned to kill Callan with a decisive blow.

“Are you truly Callan?” Thomas stared at the wisened and withered Callan with apprehension.

From what he knew, Callan was at the peak of the eighth rank and had reached the third step of the Skyward Stairway.

According to the information from ancient books, one would break into the ninth rank after ascending all nine steps of the Skyward Stairway.

Rumor has it that stepping into the ninth rank would give one immortal life.

Callan was the person closest to reaching the ninth rank in the past few hundred years.

Meanwhile, Thomas was only at the first step and was still inferior to Callan in his heyday.


Callan did not deny it. He nodded and said, “I’m indeed Callan, but my True Energy has dissipated, and I’m effectively powerless as I am currently. It doesn’t look like I have much longer to live and might die any day now.”

Thomas scowled at him and looked at James, asking snappily, “What’s going on? Why did you get involved with him?”

“He seemed like a pitiful and unfortunate person, so I saved his life,” replied James simply.

Thomas took a deep breath and dissipated the True Energy he gathered in his fist.

With a low growl, he warned Callan, “Callan, you better not be up to no good. Otherwise, I will not hesitate to erase you where you stand.”

Callan smiled tightly and said, “Thomas, have you ever seen me play dirty tricks or involve myself in grand schemes over the years? You, on the other hand, are an incredibly shrewd person that involved the entire martial art world in your plans. I’m sure you must’ve benefitted greatly after killing the Spirit Turtle, right?”

“Everyone else split the benefits. I didn’t get a single thing.”

Thomas did not say anything much. He looked at Thea and said, “Come with me, Thea, I’ll need to collect some of your blood for testing.”

“Okay.” Thea followed Thomas and left quietly.

Meanwhile, James got up and left the barely–held–together wooden house.

Maxine followed behind him.

She opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water as she hesitated to call out to James. She was contemplating whether to tell James about the incident in the underground basement.


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