The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266
These years, Tobias had overseen everything that had to do with the Cadens.

No one had thought about who was next in line as family head after Tobias was gone.

“Why? Are none of you competent enough to take charge?” James frowned at the Cadens‘ silence and inaction.

“I can.” A voice chimed in from a distance.

Shortly afterward, a beautiful young woman walked over, pushing a wheelchair. An old man wearing a golden robe was sitting in the wheelchair. His face bore the wrinkles of old age, and he had very long hair. He seemed rather elderly and was dressed like an ancient historical figure.

“Sir Lorenzo.”

Many people called out and greeted the old man respectfully.

Standing aside, Maxine whispered, “James, that’s Bennett’s son and the father of Thomas and Tobias, Lorenzo Caden.”

James was shocked.

He had been to the Cadens‘ mansion a few times in the past but had never once seen this old man before.

Not to mention, he was unaware that his great–grandfather was still alive.

Lorenzo was considered the most senior of all the elders in the family.

Maxine explained in a hushed tone, “Sir Lorenzo is a cripple, so he rarely stays in the Cadens‘ mansion. He recuperates in a different location. I don’t know why he visited the Cadens‘ mansion today. By the way, his disability is because your grandfather injured him, and he had to amputate his limb to stay alive.”

James‘ mouth hung agape.

A woman in her early twenties pushed Lorenzo closer to them.

He looked at everyone and asked lightly, “What’s going on?”

Bobby stepped forward and explained, “Sir Lorenzo, Maxine said that grandpa attacked and injured Bennett. Afterward, he absconded from the mansion. If this really happened, then grandpa would be a traitor to our family. Our family cannot go a day without a strong leader at its helm. I think it’s time to choose a new family head to preside over the family.”


Bobby straightened his body and cleared his throat. Then, he declared in a clear voice, “I think our family can’t stay in seclusion forever and we need to eventually show ourselves to the world. I happen to have a good understanding of the outside world and bear the qualifications necessary for the position of the new family head. I believe that under my leadership and the assistance of the family elders, the Cadens will ascend to even greater heights.”

“Bobby, do you really think you’re capable of leading us?” Karson looked over at Maxine.

Karson was Tobias and Thomas‘ younger brother.

He was the youngest of the three and also the weakest,

Karson candidly remarked, “If what Maxine said is true, then according to seniority, a youngster like you isn’t in line to be the family head.”

“I agree. Granduncle has been working hard for the family all these years. He is the most qualified to be the next family head.”

“I agree too.”

Many people spoke out and supported Karson.

James was troubled by the situation.

There were countless uncertainties and problems to settle, but here the Cadens were, arguing over the position of the family head.

He stood up and said, “Nothing has been set in stone at the moment. Let’s search the mansion and find the Grand Patriarch first.”

Lorenzo glared at the crowd and ordered, “What are you guys still standing here for? Hurry and go search the place.”


The family members quickly dispersed and began looking for Bennett.

Lorenzo’s eyes lingered on James. He smiled in satisfaction as he addressed the younger man, “Very good. You’re very young and talented. I’ve also heard about your accomplishments at Mount Thunder Conference and how you defeated Yaakov. The news reported that Yaakov snuck an attack on you, and you immediately killed him in return.”

James smiled lightly and did not reply to his compliments.

Lorenzo continued. “I showed up because I was worried that the other families would use this as an opportunity to attack our family since all the powerful Cadens were injured during the Mount Thunder Conference. I did not expect it to be such an eventful day. Honestly, I’m not confident the others will succeed as the family head. Don’t worry. I’ll be rooting for you to succeed as the head of the family.”

Maxine was overjoyed and hurriedly tugged James‘ sleeve, saying, “James, why’re you not saying anything? You should thank Sir Lorenzo.”

James smiled faintly and said, “I’m not interested in the position of the family head.”

Callan, who was standing behind him, had a satisfied look.

The Caden family was the head of the Ancient Four, and being the Cadens‘ family head meant having authority over the Ancient Four.

Now that something has happened to the Cadens, the family members have begun fighting over the position of the family head. James, in contrast, held no interest in the position at all, and it was rare to see such an unambitious man.

Lorenzo frowned at his casual response.

The woman pushing the wheelchair behind him frowned and said, “James, don’t think too highly of yourself.”


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