The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267
James looked at the woman pushing the wheelchair but did not pay much attention to her remarks.

He truly had no interest in being the family head and would normally not involve himself in the Cadens‘ family affairs. He was only here out of respect for Bennett who had personally taught him in the past and even brought him back to heal his injuries.

James remained silent and waited patiently for the disciples and other family members to look for Bennett.

Lorenzo’s eyes lingered on James with a solemn expression on his old face.

Soon, the disciples and family members gradually returned.

“I couldn’t find the Grand Patriarch.”

“I’ve also searched the entire backyard, but he was nowhere to be seen.”

“I tried checking all the surveillance footage in our mansion but wasn’t able to find anything unusual.”

James‘ lips curved into a deep frown as he listened to the search reports.

Everyone else unanimously agreed with Maxine’s speculation on what had happened to Bennett.

They believed that Tobias attacked Bennett over the Spirit Turtle’s core and escaped after realizing that Bennett survived his ambush.

Standing behind them, Callan said, “Bennett is an eighth–ranked grandmaster. Even if he was injured or had exhausted his True Energy, he isn’t so weak that an ambush would be enough to take him out. He must’ve escaped to a safe spot by now, so you don’t have to worry too much about him.”

James took a deep breath and said, “I hope so.”

“James, are you really unwilling to be the family head?” Lorenzo asked once again.

James replied firmly, “Sir Lorenzo, I’m not fit to be the family head. Moreover, I’m injured, which further impedes my ability to lead the family. You should choose someone else.”

“Sir Lorenzo, since James is unwilling to be the family head, you shouldn’t force the matter.”

“Yeah, we have other more suitable members for the position. Plus, his grandfather was excommunicated from the family a long time ago. That alone should immediately disqualify him.”

“Sir Lorenzo, I think it’s best to choose a new family head from the younger generation. The seniors in the family should enjoy their retired life instead of being troubled by family affairs. What I’m trying to say is… The elders and seniors to give us youngsters an opportunity.”

Many people expressed their opinions.

James simply ignored their discussion and walked out of the Cadens‘ yard,

At the mansion’s gate, Maxine asked, “James, are you sure about this?”

James nodded his head decisively. “Yeah, I don’t want to lead the Cadens.”

Maxine continued, “Don’t you find Sir Lorenzo’s sudden appearance a little strange? He has never been to the Cadens‘ mansion in the past years. Why did he suddenly appear after Bennett was injured? On top of that, how does he know Yaakov attacked you? Not many people knew that you were injured by a sneak attack. Even if people knew about it, they wouldn’t be local to the Capital, so how did he find out?”

Hearing this, James‘ eyes widened. He looked at Maxine and pressed her for more details, “What do you mean to suggest?”

Maxine thought about it and said, “I think it’s possible that Bennett escaped and sought out Sir Lorenzo to oversee the situation. Don’t think to underestimate him just because he’s disabled. I heard from Grandpa that he’s rather powerful despite his condition.”

“Is that the case?” James frowned.

“It must be. He must be relaying the Grand Patriarch’s message of wanting you to be the family head. Do you really have to heart to watch the Cadens slowly decline?”

James had a troubled expression on his face.

He genuinely had no interest in being the family head.

In such a massive family, the internal conflicts were intense and complicated.

He did not get involved in the Cadens‘ affairs nor the conflicts between the Ancient Four.

“Honey… You’re seriously injured right now and need to rest up. You shouldn’t get involved in these things. Sir Caden has instructed me to bring you back to Cansington to recover from your injuries. Even if you want to be the family head, it’ll have to wait until your injuries are fully healed.”

Thea was reluctant to let James take on the role of family head right now.

He was severely injured, so if the Cadens tried to dissent and decided to attack him, how would he fight back?

Callan also suggested, “Thea’s right, James. You should prioritize recovering for now. You can make plans after getting better.”

James thought for a while and conceded to their decision. “Alright. Let’s wait in the Cadens‘ residence for a while. When Grandpa returns, we’ll head back to Cansington.”

In his heart, James had countless doubts he wanted Thomas to answer.

However, Thomas left all too soon and there was barely any opportunity to clear the air with him.


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