The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268
They turned back to the Cadens‘ mansion to patiently wait for Thomas‘ return.

Thomas had left in a hurry earlier but he also happened to return just as quickly.

In less than an hour, he was back at the Cadens‘ mansion.

Many people were gathered in the Cadens‘ mansion living room.

A few elders like Lorenzo and Karson, as well as some of the younger family members, were gathered together.

They were all in a heated discussion about the person who was most suitable to step up as the family head and oversee their family affairs.

As Thomas returned and walked into the living room, all eyes turned to him.

Thomas immediately noticed Lorenzo in a wheelchair.

Lorenzo also took notice of him.

The two of them exchanged glances.

After staring at each other for a few seconds, Thomas walked straight toward James and Thea and regarded them with a grave look on his face. “James, Thea, the test results are out.”

James asked urgently, “What are the results?”

Thomas shook his head slightly and said, “It’s not optimistic. The Spirit Turtle’s blood has completely amalgamated with Thea’s blood. This resulted in a spontaneous mutation of Thea’s body. Her new

blood is one that has never been seen by the medical world before. The mutated blood will rapidly spread throughout her whole body and assimilate with her organs. The bottom line is, it’ll be hard to purify her blood whether through dialysis or exchange transfusion. If we insist on doing so, Thea’s organs will rapidly deteriorate and be unable to sustain her body.”

“It’s that serious?” James‘ eyebrows drew together, forming deep creases on his forehead.

Thomas had a powerless expression as he continued. “An exchange transfusion or dialysis is out of the question. Our only solution, for now, is to keep Thea in a positive state of mind and ensure that her emotions don’t fluctuate wildly. She won’t be able to use her True Energy either. Otherwise, the Beast Blood will affect her brain, control her, and cause her to suffer an Energy Deviation.”

James looked at Thea’s pale face.

He felt deep grief for her.

Thea had already gone through so much in life.

She was disfigured and endured ridicule from everyone around her for ten years. Now, her blood was tainted with the Spirit Turtle’s blood and threatened to cause an Energy Deviation at any time.

Thomas turned to Thea and reminded her firmly, “Thea, you must be careful to keep your emotions in check–especially your anger. The power of the Beast Blood is extremely potent. It’d be safe to say that its power is equivalent to that of an eighth–ranked grandmaster.”

Maxine could not help glancing at Thea once again. She was startled by the news and thought, ‘It’s equivalent to the power of an eighth–ranked grandmaster…?‘

Thomas continued grimly. “My current strength is insufficient to suppress the aggressive power in Thea’s body completely. I’ll have to leave for some time to meditate in seclusion. It may take eight to

ten years.

at most, or in the best–case scenario, three to five years. However, I’ll definitely come back.”

He really could not do anything about Thea’s condition as he was now.

After the Spirit Turtle was slaughtered, Thomas acquired its bile, which was also considered a precious commodity. Thus, he wanted to find a place for closed–door meditation to reach the ninth rank. In addition, there were several pieces of the Spirit Turtle’s core. He worked so hard to see this plan come to fruition but never got a piece.

How could he stand for that?

He still had a lot of strength remaining as he barely expended any during the battle with the Spirit Turtle. This meant that he could easily snatch the cores away from other martial artists who were likely weakened during the battle. It would be a lot harder for him to do so if they had completely refined the core and obtained the strength it offered.

“I’ll be leaving. You guys, be careful.”

“Stop right there!”

Lorenzo, who was sitting in a wheelchair, shouted at him.

Thomas stopped in his tracks and turned to Lorenzo.

Lorenzo looked him dead in the eyes. “It’s been 30 years, Thomas. You’ve already achieved your goals, so why don’t you stop here?”

Thomas bore Lorenzo’s fiery gaze and calmly replied, “I injured you 30 years ago because of your own actions. I slaughtered members of our own family because they deserved it. They shouldn’t have

threatened me; especially not with Xyla. Xyla was innocent.”

After Thomas finished speaking, he turned and left without looking back.

“Grandpa…” James shouted for him, but Thomas‘ figure was already gone.

All eyes were on Lorenzo.

It seemed there was a deeper story to whatever happened 30 years ago in the Caden household.


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