The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269
After Thomas exchanged a few words with Thea and James, he immediately left.

James muttered perplexedly, “What happened 30 years ago? Who’s Xyla?”

He looked at the wheelchair–bound Lorenzo and asked, “What happened in the Cadens‘ household 30 years ago?”

There was a solemn look on Lorenzo’s old, wrinkled face. He silently looked at the gates with a wistful expression.

Since he was unwilling to explain, James did not further pursue the issue. However, James inferred that Thomas was forced into doing the things he did back then.

James looked at Thea beside him and said, “Thea, we should head back to Cansington too. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. We should return to celebrate the New Year.

“Okay.” Thea nodded her head.

“Are you leaving, James? You’re not going to stay with the Cadens to celebrate the New Year?” Maxine stood up and asked with a disappointed pout.

James shook his head gently and said, “No. My grandfather was expelled from the Cadens thirty years ago. Thus, I’m no longer part of this family.”

After speaking, he took Thea’s hand and walked out of the gate under the watchful eyes of the Cadens.

Maxine took a small step forward.

She wanted to chase after him and make him stay, but she did not have a good reason for it.

Her pretty face was colored with a tinge of powerlessness and sadness.


A voice called out from behind her.

Maxine turned around and looked at Lorenzo. She replied respectfully, “Yes, Sir Lorenzo?”

Lorenzo looked at the crowd and said, “Now that my father and Tobias are nowhere to be found, the Cadens can’t be left without a leader. I, therefore, declare Maxine to temporarily serve as the family head until this matter is resolved.”


Maxine exclaimed in surprise. She stepped back hastily and waved her hands in refusal, “Sir Lorenzo, I can’t agree. I’m not qualified, nor do I possess the capability to be the family head. Plus, I’m not even a Caden by virtue of my blood.”

“That’s right! Sir Lorenzo, have you gone senile? Maxine does not have a drop of Caden blood in her. Moreover, she’s a woman. How can someone like that lead the family?” Bobby was the first to step forward and protest passionately.

“Sir Lorenzo, please rethink this.”

Many people were against the idea, especially the younger members of the family.

All of them were glowering at Maxine with vicious looks. They were ready to tear her apart.

Lorenzo was firm in his decision. “I’ll repeat myself only once more. From now on, Maxine will serve as the temporary family head. Whoever objects can step forward.”

His voice was domineering and authoritative.

For a moment, the Cadens gathered in the living room went silent.

Standing beside Bobby, a middle–aged man gently nudged Bobby.

Bobby immediately understood and stepped forward, shouting, “I object.”

As soon as Bobby’s words left his mouth, Lorenzo raised his hand and concentrated a powerful energy in his palm, thrusting the force at Bobby.

Bobby was blown away instantly and crashed into the ground. He spewed out blood.


The Cadens gasped.

Lorenzo moved his gaze over the crowd and asked again, “Who else objects?”

Everyone lowered their heads and kept silent.

“Since no one objects, then this matter is settled. Karson, you’ll assist Maxine.”

“Understood.” Karson nodded and cast a glance at Maxine.

Maxine was rooted to the ground.

At that moment, she was still confused by what had happened.

Theoretically, she would never be in the running for family head.

How did this decision suddenly come to pass?

What was the old man thinking?


“Ah, yes, Sir Lorenzo?” Maxine snapped back to reality and replied respectfully.

Lorenzo looked at Maxine and asked, “Do you have the confidence that you can help the family rise even higher?”


Maxine hesitated to answer.

She looked at the other family member present.

Although they remained silent, their expressions were bitter and full of dissatisfaction.

She was unsure why Lorenzo wanted her to be the temporary family head.

Maxine was fully aware that the family would not agree with his decision.


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