The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270
“What’s wrong?” Lorenzo furrowed his brows and his lips curved into a frown.

Maxine promptly replied with as much self–assurance as she could muster, “As long as the family is willing to cooperate with me, I have complete confidence we’ll be able to weather whatever storms the world throws at us.”

“That would be best.

Lorenzo looked at the Cadens present and said calmly, “Come to me if there are people unwilling to cooperate with you.”

After speaking, he made a gesture to signal his departure.

The woman behind him pushed him out of the gates under the family’s watchful eyes.


After Lorenzo left, Maxine took a deep breath.

Family head?

Never in her wildest dreams did she think of becoming the Cadens‘ family head and the leader of the Ancient Four one day.

She was adopted by Tobias and always held a low status in the Cadens.

Now, things have finally come to this.

She had complete confidence in governing and managing the Cadens because she had followed Tobias around since she could remember. Furthermore, she acted as an advisor to Tobias.

Maxine looked at the family members present and gave her first directive. “Pass on the order for the core family members to arrive in the meeting room within an hour.”

After Maxine finished speaking, she turned around and left.

The moment she left the room, the room burst into a furious uproar.


“What virtues or abilities does Maxine have to be our family head?”

“She’s a woman that’s unrelated to the Cadens.”

“Sir Lorenzo must have gone senile.

“Granduncle, why didn’t you stand up to say anything?!”

When Lorenzo was present, these people did not dare to object. Now that he had left, everyone began to express their grievances.

With a resigned look, Karson said, “Dad has given the order. How am I supposed to refuse him?”

In the time this happened, Bobby had been helped up from where he fell earlier.

Two servants propped Bobby up and brought him over to Karson’s side.

His face was pale as he shouted, “Granduncle, you can’t let Maxine become our family head. You can’t! Please head to the Southern Ridge and get Sir Luca to return to the family.”

“That’s right. Please hurry and invite Sir Luca over.”

Many people agreed with the suggestion.

The Caden family was the head of the Ancient Four.

They were a big family that had thousands of years of history behind them.

Among them, there were countless branch families.

Luca Caden was Lorenzo’s elder brother.

He was also Bennett’s eldest son.

Back then, he competed with Karson for the position of family head but lost.

After his defeat, he left the Capital and took refuge in the Southern Ridge.

Karson contemplated for a while and replied, “Since the situation’s come to this, Sir Luca is the only person who can dispute my dad’s decision right now. I’ll send someone to the Southern Ridge. For now, everyone should head to the meeting as instructed by Maxine.”

Meanwhile, Maxine made her way to the mansion’s backyard.

She stood in front of the underground basement’s entrance. She inspected the mechanism on the artificial hill before her and fell into deep thought.

There was a serious expression on her pretty face.

“What exactly is going on here?”

She was trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Maxine was positive that Thomas had attacked the Grand Patriarch as he seemed distressed earlier, and blood was on the floor.

However, she was confused as to why Lorenzo would suddenly show himself.

Lorenzo was the previous patriarch before Tobias.

30 years ago, he passed the position to Tobias and lived in seclusion elsewhere.

How did he appear with such convenient timing?

What’s more, he specifically wanted to appoint James as the family head.

Only after James refused, did the position get passed on to her.

“Could the Grand Patriarch have escaped despite his severe wounds and gotten Sir Lorenzo to intercede on his behalf?” Maxine wondered aloud.


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