The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271
James did not want to pay too much attention to the Cadens‘ affairs. Although he was part of the Cadens, he had no affection for them.

In the entire family, the only person he cared for was Bennett.

However, Bennett’s whereabouts were unknown, so it would be useless for James to continue staying in the Cadens‘ mansion.

All he could do was secretly inquire and investigate.

Callan followed James out of the Cadens‘ compound. Outside the mansion, Callan asked, “James, are you going back to Cansington?”

James stopped, turned around, and looked at the wrinkled Callan behind him. Then, he said, “Yeah. Although there are plenty of things for me to tend to in the Capital, many martial art sects and families encountered severe casualties after the Mount Thunder Sect Conference. They’ll stay in hiding to heal and recover, hence things will be peaceful for the time being. I’m preparing to return to Cansington to recover from my injuries and make plans after the new year.”

James knew that many more powerhouses were bound to appear in Sol. Those people would be strong beyond his imagination.

That was because the Spirit Turtle’s core had been divided into eight pieces after it was killed.

Those eight fragments were enough to create eight terrifying, powerful martial artists.

He had to restore his strength as soon as possible to deal with the troubles coming his way.

Callan said, “I’ll go with you. I’m getting old and have been meditating in seclusion all these years, but ! ended up like this. I can’t stay in the Capital. Lucjan knows I’m still alive, and he’ll try to assassinate me after he returns. I think I’ll only be safe if I follow you.”

Callan knew that he would not be living long.

However, the longer one lived, the less one wanted to die.

He did not want to die and was holding on to the hope that James would recover and help restore his strength.

“By the way…” Callan remembered something and said, “After Yaakov knocked you unconscious, Lucjan sent people after you and Simon. Simon did his absolute best to protect you, which is how you survived.”

“Mhm.” James nodded.

He knew Simon, the Grand Patriarch of the Mount Thunder Sect.

He was the old man who offered wine to him when he first arrived at the Mount Thunder Sect.

He was indebted to the Mount Thunder Sect.

As for Lucjan, James originally intended to attack him during the Mount Thunder Conference and destroy the Gu Sect. Unexpectedly, Thomas had calculated the martial artists into his scheme and changed the outcome of the Mount Thunder Conference, which also messed up James‘ plans.

He had failed to kill Lucjan this time. His next chance to do so would not come easily.

Lucjan would surely take over the remaining of the Gu Sect after returning to the Capital.

Soon, he would have to have a confrontation with Lucjan.

However, he was frail at the moment.

As for Callan, he was definitely a powerhouse. Thus, James wanted to cure and restore his strength. If Callan could assist him, they would have a great chance of winning against Lucjan.

“Alright. You can follow me for now. However, I don’t have the strength to protect myself, so if a strong member of the Gu Sect comes knocking on our door, I won’t be able to protect you.”

“Life and death are up to fate. If I’m not meant to pass this hurdle, then it’s my fate,” Callan replied softly.

“Let’s go.”

James did not say anything more. He turned around and left.

Instead of going to the airport, they headed to the military region.


Along the way, the soldiers in the military region all greeted James respectfully.

James arrived at the military region office and called Henry.

He was unsure of the situation in the Mount Thunder Sect and wanted to inquire about it.

“Sorry, the number you’ve dialed is temporarily unavailable.”


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