The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275
Maxine had never thought of becoming the family head.

Now that she was appointed, she had to start thinking about her way forward.

No matter what Lorenzo’s purpose was in making her the family head, she had to do something to strengthen her position.

She headed to meet Yaroslav.

Meanwhile, James had already boarded a private military plane back to Cansington.

On the plane, Thea kept holding on to a black sword.

James frowned and asked, “Is this the Malevolent Sword that Grandpa mentioned?”

“Yeah.” Thea nodded.

James continued, “Grandpa said that this was a wretched sword that would enchant a person’s heart. It would control its wielder.”

“No.” Thea shook her head firmly.

Thomas said holding the sword would cause one to develop the desire to kill.

However, she did not have that desire.

Thea looked at James and explained, “Honey, it’s not a wretched sword. Swords aren’t alive, so how can they be wretched? What’s wretched is the human heart. I’m holding the sword, but I don’t feel anything.”

“But…” James hesitated. He seemed to have something to say but ultimately decided to swallow his words.

“I know what you want to say. Nothing will happen if I control my emotions and stop using my True Energy. Moreover, if you give me a little more time, I’ll be able to control the strange blood in my body.” Thea wore a confident expression.

Initially, she had no memories of what happened when she first went through an Energy Deviation. Afterward, she could remember the events in the Johnstons‘ courtyard house and how she killed Kennedy. She was also able to restrain herself.

Back then, she would not have attacked Kennedy if he did not attack first.

However, Kennedy had a death wish and launched an attack on her.

“Mhm.” James nodded and did not say anything more.

“Honey, how’s your body feeling?” Thea changed the subject.

James replied, “I’m fine for the time being. Right now, I’m no different from an ordinary human since I can’t use my True Energy. If I try to use it, my meridians and organs won’t be able to withstand the overpowering True Energy and will be damaged instantly. It’d be troublesome to treat myself again if that were to happen.”

“That’s good.” Thea was relieved.

Callan had been sitting by the side and could not help but interject, “James, you should refine the Spirit Turtle’s core as soon as possible. After the Mount Thunder Conference, countless powerhouses will stay in hiding for some time, but hell will break loose soon. Even if you recover from your injuries and return to

your peak form, you won’t be powerful enough to turn the tide.”

James was well aware of what Callan was saying.

Even so, he had fought against an eighth–ranked grandmaster with all his strength, and it was already a miracle that he survived.

Even if he had the Crucifier, it would be difficult to recover his strength again.

“I’ll do my best,” said James.

“Actually, this era is quite nice.” Callan sighed.

He had lived more than a hundred years. In the previous eras, there were battles every year, and people had to go through deep suffering. Lives were lost in battles, and countless died from starvation yearly.

Now that the country and the people were in peace, death by starvation was almost nonexistent.

He also did not want another war to break out, as the commoners would be forced to suffer in the flames of war again.

The Owens of the three Gu Sect families were ambitious. Lucjan was also incredibly ambitious and would do everything possible to seize power.

Someone like him had to die.

James nodded and said, “Yeah, it’s pretty good. Everything we have now was bought with the blood of our ancestors. We must cherish this and prevent others from breaking this balance.”

Callan said again, “James, if you can restore my strength, I’ll wholeheartedly help you and use the rest of my life to make up for the mistakes I made in the past.”

James did not know about Callan’s past but knew that he had led the Gu Sect to participate in the battle and win the war. However, he was defeated in the following battle, and even his family was taken away from him.

If that was the truth, then Callan had done nothing wrong at all.

Not only was he not in the wrong, but he was also a real national hero.

“Mr. Maverick, could you tell me about the past?” asked James.

James was eager to learn about this unknown part of history.

Callan nodded.

“The Gu Sect was a village. Within our village, there were three major families, namely the Mavericks, Owens, and Davises. Our families were also considered martial art families and relied on raising Gu for a living. Outsiders feared Gu. However, they aren’t as scary as they seem. They can do harm but can also save lives.

“Thinking back, the Gu families were among the best in the world. Unfortunately, the Gu Sect was destroyed by internal conflicts and the interference of various external forces…” Callan began narrating what had happened in the past.

“If only I thought clearly and was more open to different opinions, this battle might not have occurred. Ultimately, I was too stuck in my own thoughts. If I had a broader perspective, I could have very well avoided the battle.

“Looking at the situation now, the King’s development focus and strategies were indeed correct.” James silently listened to him.

“Mr. Maverick, I don’t think you did anything wrong.”

“Haha…” Callan laughed loudly and said, “That’s why you’re destined to be a soldier and not a politician. An outstanding politician must consider the bigger picture. The world will never be at peace if everything is solved by military force.”

James touched his nose and said with a smile, “True. That kinda makes sense.”

“It’s more than just kinda makes sense. This is the reason countries today are divided into military and political circles. The world would be a living hell if the military had absolute authority.”

James smiled.

On the way back to Cansington, he chatted a lot with Callan.

They talked about various battles in the past and some governmental affairs.

Callan spoke highly of the Kings that led the country, saying that they made significant contributions to the development and construction of Sol.


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