The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277
Thea was slightly disappointed.

She could not understand James. These people were merely friends. Yet, instead of returning to the Callahans first, he would rather see them before anything else.

Although she was upset, she remained silent.

A military vehicle drove up to her, and a soldier got out. He saluted and shouted, “Dragon King, please get into the vehicle. I’ll send you back.”

“Mhm.” James did not refuse and got into the car.

The military vehicle sent James to the villa district where Cynthia’s villa was located.

Soon, they appeared at the door of Cynthia’s villa.

James rang the doorbell.

Soon, the door opened, and several women rushed out the door toward the gate.

The iron gate swung open.



Quincy, Tiara, and Cynthia looked at James with joy.

They thought James would not make it back for New Year’s and were worried about his safety.

Surprisingly, James returned before New Year’s.

“James, quick, come in.” Cynthia invited James into the villa.

James walked into the villa’s living room.

Tiara brewed several cups of tea, handed them over, and said, “James, Thea, Sit. Please have some tea.”

James accepted it, took a seat, and set it aside on the table. Then, he asked, “Did anything happen in Cansington while I was gone?”

Quincy shook her head and said, “What could’ve happened?”

“James, are you alright?” Cynthia looked at James with her big, bright eyes.

She was unsure of what happened in the Mount Thunder Sect but knew James had killed the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader to rescue them. Moreover, James even consumed poison made by a member of the Gu Sect.

James smiled and said, “I’m fine. The Mount Thunder Sect’s matters have come to an end for now.”

The women bombarded James with questions.

Thea silently held on to the Malevolent Sword beside them.

Although she knew James had good relationships with them, it still made her uncomfortable that he was talking to other women.

However, she forcibly suppressed her dissatisfaction and did not cause a scene.

James briefly explained the events during the Mount Thunder Conference.

He spoke lightly and calmly of the events, but the women listening were terrified by it.

They never expected so many things to happen in the past few days, nor did they expect James‘ grandfather, Thomas, to be the mastermind behind it.

“James, show me the core!” Cynthia’s pretty face was full of excitement.

She was interested in the treasure that Thomas had spent decades planning to obtain from the Spirit Turtle.

James took out the core.

The core was red and in the shape of a ball.

Cynthia held it in her hand, feeling its warmth. She repeatedly inspected and examined it.

“This thing alone is enough to increase someone’s strength and make them immortal?”

James shook his head and said, “I’m not certain about that.”

Callan interrupted and explained, “Whether it can make one immortal is uncertain, but it sure can increase one’s energy.”

Hearing this, all eyes were on him.

Quincy could not help asking, “How so?”

She had experienced a lot during this period and watched Cynthia cultivate True Energy. She was incredibly envious of her.

Moreover, Thea also became a martial artist, a powerful one on top of that.

She felt slightly inferior.

All along, she thought she was better than Thea in every aspect. She thought she could always win.

However, Thea was now a martial artist, while she was just an ordinary person.

She was eager to learn more about the ancient martial art world.


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