The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278
Callan began to explain the benefits of the core.

“Generally speaking, animals that live longer will grow biles. These biles are excellent tonics for martial artists. After consuming them, a martial artist’s strength will increase significantly.

“As for their cores, it’s much more beneficial than biles.”

“I haven’t come across an animal’s core before, but I’ve seen them in records.”

Meanwhile, a black vehicle drove slowly on the roads of the suburbs of Cansington.

“Finn, is this reliable news?” A voice sounded in the car.

A man in his forties leaned back in the passenger seat. He was wearing a black coat and had thick eyebrows and big eyes.

“Finn, this isn’t child’s play. We might die if we fail.”

The man leaning back in the passenger seat sat straight and replied seriously, “Whether it’s reliable or not, we have to try it. Over the years, the three of us have been constantly hunted down. It’s our chance to rise.”

As he said that, he looked at the man driving the car and asked, “Have you investigated?”

The man driving the car replied, “Yeah. I’ve thoroughly investigated everything and found that James will return to Cansington. He’s a sentimental person and has killed countless people for Thea. James also has quite a few women that he maintains good relationships with. He values these people and will do everything to help them if they’re in danger.”

Hearing this, the man in the passenger seat fell into silence. The three brothers were martial artists but were nicknamed the Three Wanderers.

The eldest was Finn Leo.

The second was Felix Leo.

The youngest was Harper Leo.

The three brothers belonged to no martial art family or sect. In the earlier years, they had committed countless crimes and were wanted by the Mount Thunder Sect. They hid from the public and did not attend the Mount Thunder Conference.

However, they spent a fortune buying first–hand information about the Mount Thunder Conference and knew what had happened.

They knew the Mount Thunder Conference was a scheme by Thomas and that he had gained great benefits from it. Thus, they were tempted.

The eldest, Finn, thought for a while and said, “We’ll have to devise a long–term plan.”

“By the way…”

The youngest, Harper, who was driving, said, “I found out Thomas brought a caretaker with him thirty years ago. His name is Newton. Apparently, Thomas has a lot of trust in him. Ten years ago, Thomas‘ villa was burned down. None of them died, but Newton set up their graves, allowing Thomas to conceal the truth from the world. Newton has contributed a lot in his plans.”

Finn asked, “What are Newton’s martial art capabilities? What rank is he?”

“In the public eye, he’s just an ordinary old man. He has never shown any martial art skills in front of outsiders. Thus, I’m not certain if he’s skilled in martial arts. However, he’s Thomas‘ caretaker and has been with him for thirty years. I’m guessing his martial art skills aren’t too bad either.”

“Finn, I know Newton has a granddaughter,” Felix, the second child, said from the back row.

“James probably doesn’t have anything good on him. The goods are most likely with Thomas. It might not be useful to capture James‘ women. We should threaten Thomas instead, starting with Newton, his trusted caretaker.”

The three discussed Thomas, James, and the things that happened at the Mount Thunder Conference. The trio thought Thomas must have acquired one of the Spirit Turtle’s cores.

They planned to capture hostages and threaten Thomas to exchange the core for the hostages. The three of them began discussing the details.

After some time, they finalized their plan.

They decided to start with Newton’s granddaughter, Serena.

However, one person was far from enough.

A caretaker’s granddaughter might not attract Thomas‘ attention. Apart from Serena, they wanted to capture Quincy, Tiara, and Cynthia.

As for Thea, they did not dare to touch her because of the news that Thea’s energy was enough to hurt other martial artists.

They had no confidence in capturing Thea.

Their plan was practically equivalent to digging their own graves. If they failed, what awaited them was death. After all, this was a battle against Thomas, who calculated all martial artists into his plans.

However, they could obtain the Spirit Turtle’s core and refine it if they succeeded. Then, they would no longer be hunted down and could even achieve great things.

Meanwhile, Callan explained the core to the group in Cynthia’s villa.

Even James listened attentively.

“From my understanding, ordinary animals will not produce a core. The core is an essence of animals, and only those that have lived for more than a few hundred years will grow one, but that isn’t absolute either.”


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