The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279
Hearing this, Cynthia handed the core back to James. “You should have this back, James. It sounds precious. I can’t afford to break it.”

James took it and put it away.

“By the way, tomorrow is New Year’s. Where are you planning to celebrate, James?” Quincy changed to the subject and looked at James eagerly.

“My house, of course.” Thea cast a glance at Quincy and took James‘ hand. She raised her head proudly as if she was announcing that James was her man and that Quincy should not even think about it.

James did not want to return to the Callahans because they were power–hungry.

“I won’t return to the Callahans‘ mansion,” said James.

“Why?” Thea was immediately displeased.

James said, “Regarding our official status, we’re divorced, so it’s unsuitable for me to return to the Callahans‘ mansion. I plan to look for Newton and spend New Year’s with him.”

James had plans to look for Newton.

The main reason was that he wanted to learn some inside stories from thirty years ago.

Newton had been following Thomas since thirty years ago. After Thomas was expelled from the family, he also left with him.

There was definitely more to this caretaker than what met the eye.

He was surely not an ordinary person.

How could an ordinary person be worthy of following Thomas?

“Honey…” Thea’s face was sorrowful. “It’s just a document. Is it that important? Or do you not have me in your heart at all?”

“You’re misunderstanding me, Thea. I’d like to find out what happened thirty years ago. Newton must know a lot of details,” James explained.

“You don’t have to do it now. It won’t be too late to ask after the New Year.”

Quincy smiled and said, “James, Thea’s right. It’s your first year in the Callahans. You should join them.” “I’m leaving tonight too. I’m heading back to the North. My Dad called me asking when I’m returning this morning,” Cynthia said with a smile.

“I’m going back to the Capital too,” Tiara also said.

“My parents are abroad, and you’re all leaving. I’m going to be so bored.” Quincy chuckled.

She turned to Thea and said jokingly, “Thea, how about I come to the Callahans with you to celebrate the New Year?”

“That…doesn’t sound too appropriate.” Thea looked troubled.

She would not hesitate if Quincy had asked this in the past.

However, she knew very well what Quincy was thinking.

She did not want Quincy to have a chance to approach James. It would be best if Quincy stayed as far

away from James as possible.

“I’m just joking.” Quincy smiled.

James remained silent because he was at a loss for what to say.

Whether Quincy or Tiara, he had let both of them down.

“See you guys. I’ll head back home too.” Quincy stood up, bid farewell, and left.

“Honey, let’s leave too.” Thea pulled James as she noticed something wrong with Tiara’s expression. She seemed hesitant to speak, which made Thea regard her with pity.

Even Thea felt slightly heartbroken for her as a woman.

She was afraid James would start making promises again. Thus, she quickly pulled him and wanted to leave.

“T–Then, we’ll go to the Callahans‘.” James had a helpless expression.

“Cynthia, Tiara, I’ll leave first. We’ll get in touch soon.”

James bid farewell to them and left.

Tiara looked at James‘ leaving figure, and tears welled up in her eyes.

Cynthia sighed and patted Tiara’s shoulder, saying, “I’ll head to my room to pack up.”

As the villa’s owner, she knew very well that these women only lived with her during this time because of one person–James.


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