The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280
After walking out the villa gate, Thea held her sword in one hand and held on tightly to James‘ hand in the other.

She was afraid that James would run away.

Behind them, Callan asked, “By the way, James, where do you plan for me to stay? You can’t seriously be bringing me to the Callahans‘ villa, right?”

James stopped.

He had yet to consider where to arrange for Callan to stay because his identity was relatively unique. Callan was the Supreme Leader of the Gu Sect, and the Deputy Commander, Lucjan, was rebelling. Lucjan had secretly bribed most of the strong men from the Gu Sect.

The next step was to take over the sect completely.

Lucjan would not rest until Callan was dead. He would keep sending people after his life, or he might even personally take action.

James thought for a while and said, “You can follow me for now.”

“Are you not afraid that Lucjan’s people would come knocking at your door? He might even personally come after me.”

James smiled and said, “You’ve gotten older, and your appearance has changed quite a lot. Now, there are only a few people that know of your identity. Lucjan would never imagine you to look so old, nor would he expect the old man blatantly following me around to be the Gu Sect’s Supreme Leader.”

Callan smiled and said, “That’s true, but I shouldn’t go to the Callahans‘ villa. You should arrange a place for me to stay.”

“That’ll do too.” James nodded.

James said again, “Why don’t you stay at Cynthia’s place for a while until I recover my strength?”

“Okay.” Callan did not refuse.

James turned back to the villa again to tell Cynthia about the arrangement.

“Sure!” Cynthia agreed without hesitation and was even delighted by the thought.

She did not know Callan’s identity, but judging from his previous sharings, she could tell he was an old, experienced martial art senior.

“I–I’ve decided not to go back to the North.” Cynthia’s eyes were full of expectation as she stared at Callan. She smiled and said, “Sir, I’ve decided to stay in Cansington and use this opportunity to ask you for some pointers!”

Cynthia had cultivated her True Energy but had no experience in martial arts.

Having been given such a good opportunity, she was unwilling to let it go to waste. “Sir, don’t stand! Please sit down.”

“Young lady, you’re a very decent person, and I really like you.” Callan chuckled.

“Really? I like you too! How about you become my teacher?” Cynthia asked happily.

“Huh?” Callan was stunned.

He had only accepted one apprentice in the past hundred years and had never considered accepting another.

James, who was standing by the side, interjected, “Cynthia isn’t as simple as she looks. She has a rare Frost Physique, and her body can continuously produce Cold Energy.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Callan cast another glance at Cynthia.

Frost Physique

He had read about it in ancient records, and it was a very rare physique.

People with this type of physique were perfect for practicing martial arts. Learning martial arts would significantly improve their True Energy.

One year of training was worth ten years of that of an ordinary person.

“Yeah.” James explained, “Ever since she was a child, her body would produce Cold Energy, and she had to take medication to expel it. Fortunately, she met me. Otherwise, she would have died from the coldness.”

After getting James‘ affirmation, Callan laughed.

He carefully scanned Cynthia and said, “Come here. I’ll check your pulse.”

Cynthia stretched out her hand.


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