The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283
James felt instant relief.

The Blithe King looked at James and asked, “What’s going on, James? Why are the graves empty?”

“It’s a long story. It’s quite complicated. I haven’t figured it out myself. Only my grandfather knows the full story. However, he’s always been elusive. I’ve only seen him a few times and didn’t have the chance to ask him about these things.”

“Congratulations.” The Blithe King smiled.

James returned a faint smile.

Thea was also relieved. She held on to James‘ hand and said, “Honey, your family is still alive. After everything is resolved, our family can be reunited. I haven’t met your dad yet, so I don’t know what kind of person he is. Is he easy to get along with? Also, your mom…”

“I’ve never seen my mother before.” James had a gloomy expression.

His mother was not part of his memories. He could not remember nor had he heard of her being mentioned by his family.

“I’m sorry…” Thea promptly apologized.

James smiled and said, “It’s alright. You don’t need to apologize. Let’s go. We should head back.”

“Okay.” Thea nodded.

“Blithe King, I need to trouble you to send us back to the Callahans‘ villa.”

“Alright. Transport is on the way.” The Blithe King smiled.

The group of people left the cemetery.

After they left, an old and young figure walked out of hiding.

The older figure was an elderly man wearing a suit and holding a cane.

The young figure was a young woman in a winter coat and hat, exposing only her face.

The weather was relatively cold, and her face was flushed red.

“Grandpa, it seems Mr. Caden has found out everything. Otherwise, he wouldn’t come here to dig out the graves,” the young lady said.

“Yeah.” The old man nodded slightly. “So many things happened in the Mount Thunder Conference. James must’ve met up with Thomas and learned a lot of things.”

“What’s next?”

“We head back and wait for Thomas‘ next orders.”

The old and young figures turned around and left.

The two were none other than Newton and Serena.

They had always been by Thomas‘ side all these years.

James was the only reason they appeared in Cansington half a year ago. They knew a lot of things but kept them secret from James.

The two of them pretended to be ordinary people and stayed by James‘ side.

After James and Thea left the Cadens‘ cemetery, they headed to the Callahans‘ villa.

It was almost six in the evening when they arrived.

Although it was only around six, the sky was gradually darkening.

At the entrance of the Callahans‘ villa, the Blithe King personally got off the car to see James off.

“James, let’s have a few drinks when we have the chance.”

James replied, “I’ve caused you a lot of trouble. If we have the chance, we’ll drink till we’re both drunk!”

“We’re friends! Cut the formalities. Alright, I’ll head back first,” the Blithe King said and got into the car.

James stood at the villa gate and watched the Blithe King leave.

After he left, James said, “Let’s go inside.”

“Okay.” Thea nodded and pressed the doorbell.

Soon, the door swung open.

It was David who came to get the door.

David spotted James and Thea outside the gate, and he quickly pressed the remote control in his hand in excitement.

The gate opened, and the two walked into the villa.

“Thea, James! You’re finally back! Dinner is ready. We’ve been waiting for you two to come home. Hurry up! Come inside.”

At that moment, countless people rushed out of the villa.

Lex, Howard, Benjamin, Gladys, Tommy, Megan, and some other family members greeted them.

These people looked at James passionately.

“James, you’re back! Quick, come inside!”

“James, we’ve been looking forward to your visit!”

The Callahans were very enthusiastic and kept ushering James into the house.


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