The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284
The Callahans‘ attitude was now completely different from when James was married into the family.

Now, they treated him like a god.

Many of the Callahans came forward to greet him.

James nodded in acknowledgment but did not say much.

Thea took him by the arm and entered the villa.

Inside the living room, several large tables had been set up.

Lex stomped his cane and ordered, “Hurry and take out the wine I’ve stored for thirty years. Today, everyone shall get drunk!”

“I’m a little tired and won’t join dinner.”

James looked at Lex and headed to the room after speaking.

The Callahans were surprised.

It was only when James headed upstairs that everyone regained their senses.

Gladys walked over and pulled Thea, asking, “What’s going on, Thea? James doesn’t seem very happy.”

“Maybe he’s tired. He’s had a lot of things to settle these days and hasn’t slept well for a few days. Go ahead and eat. I’ll go and check on him.”

Thea headed upstairs after James.

The Callahans exchanged confused glances.

They had prepared for several hours to welcome James, but he simply headed upstairs without even eating.

Thea walked into the bedroom upstairs and saw James smoking on the balcony. She put the Malevolent Sword down and walked over.

She hugged James‘ waist from behind and leaned her head on his back.

“Honey, if you don’t want to live with the Callahans, we can buy a house and move out.”

Thea understood what James was thinking.

The Callahans had hurt his feelings and mistreated him in the past.

“I’m just tired. It’s not that I don’t want to see them,” James said softly.

“I know.”

Thea tightly embraced James.

She turned him around, tiptoed, and kissed his lips.

Thea was passionate and took the initiative.

While kissing, they made their way to the bathroom.

They even took a bath together.

During the bath, Thea clung to James.

James did not eat for the whole night and stayed in the room with Thea.

Thea took the initiative and was very wild.

Thus, James was satisfied.

Afterward, the two hugged each other and fell asleep.

In the dead of night, three men appeared outside Cynthia’s villa in Cansington.

“Finn, this is Cynthia’s palace. There’s reliable news that James came here in the afternoon but left with Thea.”

“Who’s in the villa right now?”

“There are several people. Cynthia, Quincy, Tiara, Scarlett, and an old man.”

“Who’s the old man?”

“I’m not sure. James brought him back from the Capital.”

Three people hid behind a big three and communicated in hushed tones.

The trio was the Three Wanderers.

Their purpose was to capture people around James and use them to blackmail James and Thomas for the Spirit Turtle’s core.

“When do we act, Finn?”

Finn thought for a while and said, “We shouldn’t rush. Let’s wait a bit.”

They waited for two hours.

Soon, the lights in the villa went out one after another.

“Let’s go!” Finn gave the order.

The three of them acted simultaneously and jumped off the three. In a few moments, they appeared on the balcony on the villa’s second floor.

They quietly opened the door.

Quincy had just taken a shower inside one of the villa’s rooms and changed into a set of red pajamas. She was lying on the bed, reading a book.

After reading for a while, she felt sleepy.

She turned off the lights and prepared to sleep.

As soon as her lights were turned off, she heard footsteps.

“Who’s there?!”


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