The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286

While James was worrying about his physical condition, his phone suddenly rang, interrupting his


“Who’s calling so early in the morning?” he murmured.

Then, he walked over to the bed and picked up his phone from the side table.

The caller was Callan.

He picked up the phone and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“There’s a problem.” From the other end of the call, a worried voice sounded.

James immediately got worried and asked, “What happened?”

“They’re gone.”

“Who’s missing?”

“They’re all gone. Come over.”

James was anxious. He hung up the phone, turned around, and was about to leave.

“What’s the matter, Honey?” Thea was startled by the noise and woke up. She sat up on the bed, using the blanket to cover her body and only revealing her head.

Her hair was messy, and there were a few hickeys on her neck.

She had not completely woken up and was still in a daze.

“Callan called saying something happened. The girls have disappeared. He asked me to head over. I’m not sure what happened, so I’ll go over and have a look first.”

“What?” Thea exclaimed.

Her grogginess dissipated instantly.

She quickly rolled out of bed, picked up her clothes, and began getting dressed, saying, “I’ll come to have a look with you.”

“Okay.” James nodded.

After Thea got dressed, she quickly washed her face, combed her hair, and left with the Malevolent


“Honey, let’s go. Why are you not moving?”

Thea walked out the door and could not help shouting after seeing James still standing in place.

“Thea, that sword is hefty. How are you carrying it without True Energy?” James asked doubtfully.

Earlier on, James had specifically attempted to pick up the Malevolent Sword, but he could not lift it without using True Energy.

“Ah, is it heavy?”

Thea looked surprised and replied, “It’s not that heavy.”

As she spoke, she casually waved the sword a few times and said, “It’s light like a feather.”

James looked at her.


She looked as if she was not swinging a heavy sword but a wooden stick.

‘Did Thea’s strength improve so significantly?‘ James was puzzled.

“Give it to me. Let me try.”

“Here you go.” Thea handed over the Malevolent Sword.

James carefully took it.


As soon as he held the Malevolent Sword, it felt cumbersome, and he could not firmly hold on to it. The Malevolent Sword fell to the ground and clattered.

The floor was instantly dented.

James looked at the dented floor and said, “That’s at least a hundred and fifty kilograms.”

Thea was taken aback.

She did not feel the weight of the Malevolent Sword at all.

Thea picked it up again and said, “It feels light to me.”

“Forget it. Let’s not discuss this right now. We can weigh it later.”

James did not ask any more questions.

Callan had asked him to head over because a problem had arisen and the women were missing. James was worried about their safety.

“Let’s go.”

James left the room first.

Thea followed behind him.


It was already eight in the morning, and many family members had gotten up.

As soon as they arrived downstairs, David stood up and greeted with a bright smile, “James, Thea.”

“Thea, James, you two are finally up.” Gladys also smiled brightly as if James was some kind of treasure.


James nodded lightly in response to them.

“David, lend me your car keys.” Thea stretched out her hand.

“Okay.” David handed over the keys without asking any questions.

Thea took it, pulled James, and turned to leave the villa.

“Where are you going, Thea?” David shouted.

–“Heading out to settle some stuff.”


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