The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287

While speaking, they walked out of the villa.

The two headed to the garage and drove directly to Cynthia’s place.

Soon, they appeared outside Cynthia’s villa.

Callan was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

James walked into the house and asked, “What happened?”

Callan said solemnly, “When I got up in the morning, I wanted to call them to practice. However, I

knocked on everyone’s doors for a long time, but no one answered. I realized something was wrong and broke into the rooms, but they were all empty.”

“They’re all gone?” James was taken aback.

Callan nodded and said, “Mhm. Cynthia, Quincy, Tiara, and Scarlett, who came back at night, were all gone. I checked the rooms and found traces of intruders last night.”

“Let’s head upstairs and have a look.”

Jame’s turned around and headed up the stairs.

Callan and Thea followed behind him.

James went to Quincy’s room first.

The balcony door was open, and the lights inside were on. There was also a book on the table.

Callan said, “Under normal circumstances, one will close the balcony door before sleeping. However, it’s obvious someone had been here since it’s still wide open.”

“Who captured them?” Thea was puzzled.

James calmly went to the other rooms and carefully inspected them.

Some had sneaked into the villa.

He headed back to the first floor and sat on the sofa.

Taking out a cigarette, he lit it, and smoke filled the house.

While smoking, he fell into deep thought.

Thea sat by his side.

She knew that when James smoked, he would usually think about things.

‘What happened? How could several adults disappear overnight?‘

James had doubts in his heart.

He could not help but cast his gaze at Callan.

At that moment, he had doubts about Callan.

“What’s wrong? Do you think I did it?” Callan was sensible and could read James‘ thoughts from his expression.

“A little.” James did not hide his suspicions either.

He was slightly doubtful of Calian.

Even though they had been getting along during this time and he felt that Callan was not scheming, he could not be sure about the Gu Sect’s Supreme Leader after all. There was enough reason to doubt him.

At that moment, James‘ phone rang.

He took out his phone and saw it was an unknown number.

James calmly answered the phone.

A slightly hoarse and deep voice sounded on the phone, “James.”

“Who’s this?” asked James.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. If you want your women and the Cadens‘ caretaker’s granddaughter, Serena, to live, contact your grandfather and tell him to prepare the Spirit Turtle’s core and wait for my next order.”

Beep… Beep…

After the other party finished speaking, he hung up the phone. James tried to call back.

“Sorry, the number you’ve dialed is currently unavailable.”

James‘ expression became serious.

Callan asked, “Who was it?”

James replied, “They want the Spirit Turtle’s core. They don’t know I have one, so they’re trying to contact my grandfather. They want me to contact him and inform him. Quincy and the others got kidnapped by this caller.”

Thea calmly remained seated.

She had sincerely hoped that Quincy and the others would just disappear.

James would not have any other worries if they were gone.

Then, he would only think about her.

However, she could not let James know her thoughts. Otherwise, James would think of her as a selfish woman.

“Honey, who captured Quincy and the others?”

James shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but they’ll surely call back. These people know about the Spirit Turtle, so they must be martial artists. I’m not sure about their strength, but I can’t use my True Energy right now and don’t have any martial artists by my side. I need to seek support from others.”

“Mhm.” Callan nodded and said, “Since they’re after the Spirit Turtle’s core, they’re most likely martial artists. They should be relatively strong too, so we must seek support.”

James said, “We’ll have to head to the Mount Thunder Sect to seek out their leader, Jackson.”

Among the people James knew, the only one who could help him was the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader.

As for the others, he could not trust them.

“Honey, I’ll go.”

Thea said, “I’ll rush to the Mount Thunder Sect immediately and inform them about this matter. You stay here and continue communicating with them.”

“You?” James looked at Thea worriedly.


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