The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290

James could vaguely remember.

When he was at the Cadens‘ mansion in the Capital, his grandfather had mentioned Xyla.

He said something about how they should not have threatened him with Xyla.

As for what exactly happened, James did not know.

Newton fell into silence.

After a while, he replied, “Let’s wait until he personally tells you the whole story. It’s not my place to tell you.”

James took a deep breath.

Judging from Newton’s tone, he seemed to know about what happened thirty years ago.

However, since he was unwilling to talk about it, James did not force it.

“Do you know who kidnapped Serena?” asked James.

Newton shook his head and said, “I don’t. I slept very soundly last night, and when I woke up, it was almost noon. I didn’t see Serena around and thought she had gone out, so I didn’t think anything of it. If you hadn’t come to inform me, I wouldn’t have known that she was kidnapped.”

James did not inquire further since Newton did not know much about it.

Now, he just had to wait patiently.

The person who kidnapped Quincy, Serena, and the others would surely call back again.

After one hour, James‘ phone rang again.

He had already notified the Blithe King to trace his phone and track all the numbers that called him.

James calmly answered the phone.

A hoarse voice sounded on the phone.

“James, have you notified Thomas?”

James replied, “That won’t be necessary. If it’s the Spirit Turtle’s core you want, I can give it to you. I have one with me, but you can forget about getting the core if the girls lose even a strand of hair.”

The person on the phone was the eldest of the trio, Finn.

He simply guessed that Thomas had a core but could not find a way to contact Thomas. He never expected James to also have a piece.

He replied excitedly, “Don’t worry. I only want the core. I won’t harm them.”

James asked, “Where do we perform the transaction?”

“Be patient and wait for me to contact you again.”

Finn hung up the phone.

As soon as he hung up the phone, the Blithe King called James and said, “James, the other party is using an internet number, and the IP address is hidden. I couldn’t track down their specific location.”

“Alright.” James hung up.

Newton asked, “Mr. Caden, how is it? What’s the situation?”

James took out the core and looked at it. Then, he said, “They’re after the Spirit Turtle’s core. I’ll have to use it to exchange for them.”

Callan frowned and said, “You’re going to exchange the core to save their lives just like that? That isn’t right. We should drag this out for some time and wait until Thea sends help. Then, we can make a detailed plan.”

James said, “If they call again and Thea hasn’t gotten help, then I’ll have no choice but to meet them.”

Newton also stared at the Spirit Turtle’s core in James‘ hand.

up with

Although he did not attend the Mount Thunder Conference, he knew what had happened and did not expect James to have one.

“I’ll come with you, Mr. Caden.”

James looked at Newton and said, “Mr. Quinn, you must also be a martial artist. What rank are you?”

Newton smiled and said, “I’m indeed a martial artist. However, I’m not of a high rank. I’ve just barely

entered the fourth rank.”

A fourth–ranked grandmaster was considered pretty strong.

James nodded and said, “Then I’ll need to trouble you to make the trip with me if Thea doesn’t return in time.”

Callan asked, “Are you seriously going to exchange the core for them? This core can greatly increase your strength and allow you to step into the eighth rank. You might even step into a higher realm.”

James replied helplessly, “I’m also reluctant to do so, but human life is more important than a core. Plus, we still don’t know what kind of person has kidnapped them.”

Callan did not say anything more. He understood that James valued friendships. Forget about a core, James would probably give up even a miraculous elixir just to save his friends.

Next, James waited patiently.

However, he had waited for more than an hour, and the other party still did not call back.


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