The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294

“James, I don’t think we should hand over the core. We should prepare a counterfeit in advance. After all, the enemy has never seen what a real Spirit Turtle’s core looks like,” Callan reminded.

After a brief contemplation, James said, “But, what if they see through our tricks and start acting out?”

“They won’t,” Callan said, “They’re determined to obtain the core. Until they actually get their hands on it, they won’t act recklessly.”

Jackson chimed in, “Callan’s right. The Spirit Turtle’s core is too valuable. You can’t just hand it over to them. Don’t worry. We can definitely save the captives if the enemy is weak. After all, if they’re powerful martial artists, they would’ve come right for us instead of resorting to underhanded tactics like this.”

Newton nodded in agreement. “Mr. Cabral is right.”

After formulating a plan, they headed toward Mount Morinbourg.

Mount Morinbourg was a day’s distance away if they traveled by car.

Therefore, James decided against traveling by car. He went to the military region and instructed the Blithe King to arrange for a helicopter.

After being informed of the contact point, things were much easier to deal with.

James asked the Blithe King to use satellite surveillance to search for the enemy’s whereabouts.

However, the mountain range was huge.

Searching for a few individuals through satellite surveillance was no easy feat.

As the Blithe King activated the satellite surveillance, James and the others headed to Mount Morinbourg by helicopter.

On an empty plot of land outside Mount Morinbourg…

A helicopter descended.

James pulled out his phone and called the enemy.

Soon, the call went through.

“Did you bring the stuff, James?”

On a tree in the distance, a man holding a pair of binoculars was intently observing the descending helicopter. He saw many people inside the helicopter.

James said, “I brought it. Where are the captives?”

“Put it on the ground and leave. I’ll release them once I get what I want.”

“No way.” James refused. “I won’t give you what you want unless I see them with my own eyes.”

“James, stop playing petty tricks like this. Put the stuff on the ground and leave immediately. Or else, I’ll kill them right away,” Finn threatened.

“Feel free,” James said coldly. “They’re just a few women. To me, they’re nothing more than ornaments.”

James had discussed this with the others.

He knew he had to be assertive. Otherwise, he would be forced to play the enemy’s script.

Finn, who was concealing himself in the shadows, frowned. Based on his investigation, James was a man who valued relationships. For women, he would do anything.

“James, you made me do this. I’ll kill them right away.”

“Sure thing. I’ll be taking my leave.”

James then hung up the phone.

Then, the helicopter slowly lifted off the ground.

Seeing that the helicopter was leaving, Finn panicked. He was so close to getting what he wanted. After obtaining the stuff, the three of them would be able to start a new life and even establish a sect of their own.

He called James once again and said coldly, “James, this is my final warning. Leave the stuff behind. Or else, I’ll kill them all.”

James said nonchalantly, “How am I supposed to trust you? What if you refuse to let them go after I give you what you want?”

Finn said, “Don’t worry. They’ll be worthless to me once I get what I want.”

“Fine, I’ll trust you just this once.” James hung up the phone.

The helicopter landed.

Then, he leaped off the helicopter and put a bag on the ground.

After that, he left.

Seeing that the helicopter was gone, Finn charged out immediately. He walked over to the bag excitedly. However, the moment he retrieved the bag, a sword was pressed against his neck.

“P–Please…” Finn’s face paled.

It was Jackson.

He had gotten off from the other side of the helicopter and concealed himself to wait for Finn’s appearance.


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