The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298

The 18–meridian diagram consisted of a total of nine poses. Some were bizarre, while others were rather flirtatious.

Cynthia nestled in James‘ embrace.

James placed his hands behind his back, while Cynthia hugged him and grabbed his hands.

James concentrated to clear his mind of any impure thoughts. Then, he began catalyzing True Energy.

After their Yin and Yang merged, the True Energy underwent a profound transformation. Its effects were dampened and had little impact on James‘ body. Besides, this True Energy had the ability to restore and strengthen the meridians.

Soon, the session was over. The two stopped.

Blushing, Cynthia said, “I–I feel that my True Energy has become stronger.”

James, who was feeling a warm, snuggy sensation throughout his body, said, “These poses are strange but also mysterious. They have the ability to heal my injuries. Judging by the speed of recuperation, I should be able to restore my strength in around fifteen days.”

A fortnight was not considered a long period of time. If James was able to completely recover within a fortnight, it would be almost too good to be true. Once his True Energy was restored, he could then refine and absorb the Spirit Turtle’s core, which would allow his True Energy to reach even greater heights.

“Let’s do it one more time,” Cynthia said.

Upon remembering how intimate the poses were, she blushed.

“Mhm.” James did not think much about it.

The two continued. They cultivated the whole afternoon.


Tiara kept glancing at the staircase.

However, James and Cynthia were in the room for the whole afternoon.

She walked over to Quincy and whispered, “Quincy, James and Cynthia have been in the room for the whole afternoon. Are they really just cultivating?”

“What else?” Looking at Tiara, Quincy said smilingly, “Don’t worry. James is a dense guy. Even if you up naked in front of him, he wouldn’t bat an eye.”


Quincy knew what James was like. He was a man unlike any other. He never thought of using the lower part of his body. She had tried seducing James multiple times in the past but to no avail.

“I see…” Tiara said.

Callan was curious what the martial art technique recorded inside the Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge was all about.

The Ancient Four was renowned throughout the ancient martial world. The Four Great Paintings had existed for more than a thousand years. Callan had long heard of the ancient paintings of the Ancient Four. He planned to ask James about them once he was done with his session.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Tiara answered the door.

Upon seeing Thea by the door, she momentarily froze before greeting her, “Thea.”

Looking at Tiara, Thea nodded slightly. “Mhm.”

“Please, come in.”

Upon entering the house, Thea scanned the living room. Realizing that James and Cynthia were not around, she asked, “Is James still cultivating?”

Quincy nodded. “Yup, he’s been upstairs with Cynthia the whole afternoon. Maybe they’re doing something more than cultivating. Why don’t you go and have a look, Thea?”

A slight grin crept up Quincy’s face.

Hearing this, Thea’s heart almost stopped. Then, she hurriedly ran upstairs.

Scarlett, who was scrolling through her phone, glanced at Quincy and smiled. “Quincy, how mischievous of you. Are you trying to sow discord between James and Thea?”

“No, I’m not.” Quincy defended herself. “I’m speaking the truth. They’ve been in the room for the entire afternoon.”

Scarlett smiled and said nothing.

Meanwhile, Tiara was pensive, her expression grim.

In the room upstairs…


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